Goodbye to you
I'm standing here; still; but the world I feel is spinning
For every action there is a reaction so when I lose you're winning
What's my purpose? I'm hurt by this; not knowing the reason I exist
Unsurpassable bliss, life's a gift so what must I do important as
experience this?
Birthday wish, love's first kiss, I'm leaving things I know I will miss
Reasons you let go, the seasons grow forgetful and I get lost in the midst.
Were we once copasetic, but she left me emotionally apathetic,
My energetic aesthetic now just pathetic, our bodies' motion kinetic
Electric we danced in verse poetic, and then you said you wanted it less
I can't pretend I hadn't dreamt it, It hurts knowing the words that slipped
I meant it
My broken heart mended you took it unintended then went back and bent it.
My one and only, the way you hold me, know that this world is cold and
And though you left me alone reasons unknown to me know that I have flown
and can see.
So here's a token of my affection, past moments broken reflection
Your words spoken perfection, I swore for your protection
And you tore that connection with deception when all I wanted was your
We didn't need to say much keeping our secrets on the hush, so what
happened to that trust
You know I went driving striving to find a reason to stay alive in.
This world so many thrive in, I didn't think surviving your conniving was
worth reviving
I shifted till I thought I would crash, but I lifted up and fought off
Then I thought of what I would be missing and brought out a laugh
Without you know that I'm drifting today and what we once had has slipped
So I'm leaving this place because it's the only way I can leave you behind
And not to say that this thought today won't ever leave my mind
In leaving a once loved I leave ones I still love and I'm using all of my
strength to do it
My friends; my life they helped me through it, I'd take a bullet for you
shoot me and I'll prove it
See when I was doing my thinking it was of them who I thought and that's
why I swerved
My life's not going to be ended by a median curb I've learned life by
having observed
A witness to tragedy, not to miss this is my strategy, which I will forever
I'm leaving this place, thank you for letting me believe in your face and
making me brave
For those I once loved and to those I still do, here is my thank you and my
goodbye wave
My love for you I could never tell you so I'll just bring it down to my
grave someday