Battered And Broken

Sore on the inside, sore on the outside,
Trying to find her way out,
Screaming in vain, she's reeling in pain,
Wondering what it's about.

She doesn't know what she's done this time,
All that she knows, is it hurts,
The tears and the shrieks don't do any good,
He wants her to feel like dirt.

She knows no love, she knows no kindness,
All that she wants is release,
From the rapes and the trauma, the verbal abuse,
She wants the beatings to cease.

No good would come if she tried to leave,
He would easily just win her again,
With sweet talk and promises, presents and flowers,
Sunshine to follow the rain.

If she had some courage, and some self-esteem,
She would see him for just what he was,
But all of her strength has been stolen away,
Her sense of self now long lost.

Is this the way that she's doomed to die,
Battered and broken, afraid?
Is there a way that she can escape,
Has the price already been paid?