and then there is depth
like a stone falling
into a celtic well
where the water goes so far
that it isn't even disturbed
and no ripples mark our passage
below the surface

and down
like the blue green belly
of some tropical snake
a tunnel of another time
of longforgotten and found again
of dream and legend
come back to life.

this is camelot of the lake
this is avalon of the well
and here I can breathe
and belong in such waters
tainted in taste
of ancients and adam's ale

like it was yesterday
like you are here again
swimming beside me
and everything happens again
just like before
making me think of those fated
to circle in beloved and barred
fields of legend and dream.

we could almost be them
and my heart could burst
down here in the dark
amongst the sea moss and still blue
for love of you
for knowing
for foresight and logic

at letting go of your hand
this water like bile in your mouth
as it is sweet against my tongue
abandoning you in what is not yours
to dive deeper into what is mine
this element of blue-green depth

my ancient well of elements
long-forgotten by the world
and remembered by me
living down here where I do not
forget to remember
everything of depth
like an eyestone in the well.