Once upon a time , in a land filled with rumors of faeries and magic a young man set off on a journey. He was the youngest son of a tailor and off to seek his worth in a world bereaved of hope. For you see , he lived in the land of Qew , a small country on the boundaries of a mighty Kingdom. This kingdom was feared by all, home to the most powerful sovereign. Known to have the most beautiful princesses the world has yet to see.

"My son" said the young tailors father " it grieves me to see you go, but every man has his own path. You are young and yours may take to the ends of the earth, but you must remember Qew will always be your home." With one last tearful embrace the elder man looked upon his prized young son and begged him to be safe.

"Father." The young man asked looking up at his elderly mentor. " may I ask one last favor of you before I set off on my journey?"

"Anything my child." The old man said a tear twinkling at the wrinkled corner of his eye.

"May I have a lock of your hair"

"My son , you may ask of me anything in the world , yet all you ask is a thin wisp of hair."

"It is all I will need father a remind me of what awaits me at home."

"Any thing for you my son." The old man said heaving a sigh. He walked to his work table and retrieved a heavy silver scissors from a drawer. With his eyes closed he reached up and clipped the last graying lock of hair from his wrinkled head and passed it to his son with shaking hands.

"Any thing for you my son." He repeated pressing the lock of hair into his last child's hand.