A cold hand grabbed his arm yanking him over stopping him from landing in the glowing ring. He landed hard in the leaf litter of the forest floor the wind knocked out of him. Taking slow breaths the boy opened his eyes and winced in pain. Sticks and twigs jabbed him in the ribs and scratched at his hands as he tried to get up. Finally he was able to roll onto his back and rise to a sitting position looking into the face of a strange figure cloaked in white. Dark snarling beasts circled around both of them but the beautiful creature simply stared down at the boy with an unreadable expression on its face.

The white being smiled and extended a delicate porcelain hand towards the boy and with a powerful chilling grip hauled him up off the ground. He stood on shaky legs too afraid to run too afraid to stay. He was bordering on hysteria when the creature spoke. Its deep bell like voice stirred his very soul as it filled his head and echoed silently through out the forest. It was the voice that banished darkness.

"What are you doing in my forest little one ?" the creature asked. With each word the forest grew lighter, the air seemed a bustle with unseen forces parting the canopy and sending thick shards of light into the deepest recesses of the forest floor.

The boy stood mouth agape shaken even more by this open show of what could only be magic. He tried to step back but found his feet glued to the spot he took a deep breath and began slowly.

"My name is Tornec , I am a tailor from the province of Qew . I am on my way to seek my worth in this world as did my brothers before me and my father before them." The boys voice was strong and proud despite his fear . His obvious pride brought the slightest glimmer of a smile top the white cloaked figure. Its eyes twinkled

"Well little tailor, I fear that your worth may not be found in this world. Destiny has a path already laid for you I can see it , you will do great things my sovereign ."

Tornec gasped and stepped back. For this being to know his destiny was dissidence, and to call him sovereign was beyond forgiving it was blasphemy punishable by death. The boy snapped his head side to side trying to find a clear path away from this magician , magic had been outlawed for centuries and if he was seen with this being he would undoubtedly be smitten as well.

"Fear not young one." The being reached forward with one silky hand and rested it on his shoulder. Tornec tried to run but the grip though light was immobilizing he could barely blink.

"I will not let any harm come to you. But you must help me." The figure reached up and pulled back the hood of the white cloak it wore exposing her beautiful shinning face. She had large pale green eyes and long flowing hair that fell in silky locks about her shoulders. Tornec gaped up at her, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen.

"H-how may I serve you my lady ?" Tornec asked breathlessly.

"I am the daughter of a gentle man, he is kind with a loving hard and fair ways. He was sovereign of the land now ruled by an evil tyrant. This tyrant is a great magician he tricked my father out of his kingdom, trapping him in a land far away. Many a brave soul has tried to apose him but alas they all have failed." The princess sniffed and large tears began to fall where they landed in the dirt large white flowers began to grow .

"But , what can I do I am a tailor not a knight." Tornec said reaching down to pick a flower.

"Where my father is these things matter not, it takes a pure hearted soul to reach him and help him from his prison in the land of Belesaire."

"Belesaire !"Tornec gasped turning to stare at the faery ring a few paces away. "But that's a kingdom of the faeries! I cant go there They'd kill me for sure !"

"No Tornec they will let you in and give you sanctuary, you are pure of heart. It is a debt they owe to all men to offer those seeking it a sanctuary from their enemies and I fear the tyrant may already know of you quest."

"What ! How so !" the boy was growing increasingly more fearful with each word the princess spoke.

"Don't worry , my sisters and I will lead him astray but if you choose to help me there is much you must know." She said reaching into a fold of her cloak and drawing out a brown pack similar to the one Tornec already carried.

Some where far off an eerie howl sounded followed by the mourning keen of a deep and sonorous bell.

"Everything you need is in this bag. Eat nothing but what I ve provided you with drink nothing but rain water. There is a golden chest in the bag promise me on your life you will not open it . It must only be seen by my father." The princess hurried on as the bell grew louder the howls closer.

"But where am I going ?"


"How am I getting there?"

"The faery ring of course."

Tornec shuddered as the bell sounded again, the princess winced in pain.

"Come , she gripped him by the shoulder and they stumbled together towards the ring of shinning stones. Carefully she reached over and picked two of the four mushrooms from the center of the circle. The bell sounded once again and she shivered growing increasingly weaker with each echoing keen.

"Take the first path you see don't look back never turn around seek knowledge from browns and greens help from the blues avoid the reds and yellows obey the whites and purples ignore the lesser faes and all will be well. With that the princess pressed her cool lips onto the boy s as she pushed him backwards into the ring. A wide grin was plastered across his face as he fell watching her head grow smaller and smaller as he passed though a cold shell of frost .