Recently, I've been home sick and came across my old fictionpress account, which I hadn't thought about in years, to be honest. I found myself reading this story again, and remembered how dear these characters were to me, and how much of their story I still had left to tell. I read all of my old reviews, and was overwhelmed with all the support I'd received for this. It gave me the motivation to continue and pick up where I'd left off, which in all honesty, was very daunting and intimidating.

I had started writing this story when I was 17, and its crazy to think of all that's changed in the last decade and a half. Re-reading this story has let me see all the holes and gaps that my 17 year old self had missed, so I took this opportunity to go back and fix them. I've gone back and re-written the first 10 chapters and prologue as a result. I'm working on the next chapter now, and its insane how easy it is to slip back into Maura and Patrick's world, how clearly I can still hear their voices. There are a few more chapters left to go in their teen years before I can bring them back to their adult lives, where the prologue left off.

If you had followed this story since way back when, thank you for sticking with me. If you are reading this for the first time, welcome! Either way, I'd love it if you would review and let me know what you think.