Halloween Haikus

By Carter Tachikawa

* * *

(At last, I bring you something new! It's haikus, something I haven't done in a billion days or so. But before I go on, I just want to say they're three separate poems, not one whole poem. Also, they're all for a Horror Haiku Writing Contest and I'd like your opinions on which one I can send in. If you think I should write some more, I can do that too.)


Golden moon rises
Over a mass of bodies
Sinking in warm blood


Halloween arrives
Creeping and slithering down
Our cold, little necks


Jack-o-lantern waits
A killer's smirk carved into
Its plain, lifeless face


(End Note: Thank you, James Rain, for pointing out an error I had earlier. Before I leave you guys, I better mention that the contest says I have to use at least one of these words (blood, vampire, Halloween, Jack-o-lantern) in each haiku. I haven't got one for 'vampire' but I will. And also, if you want to try out for the contest, here's the site: www.writershood.com. Go to the horror section of that site and it has the rules)

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Copyright 2003: Carter Tachikawa