It has finally started

Doomsday will soon arrive

Planting among us the reasons to fear

Knowing that only the purest survive

I've tried games to ease this sinful heart

But my heart is dead, it wont ever revive

Soon marked down

In the history that hell knows

Every face that's ever walked through

And never given a chance to repose

Endless eternity haunting us all

Living inside the mind full of prose

Writing to help me

To keep the demons away

Letting them flow inside my words

To escape only to find another day

Another time to haunt me some more

It seems they've come up with a possible way

Nothing has helped

To cure me from sin

Lurking in darkness away from the light

Wishing that death would someday begin

Killing all traces of happiness and glee

Letting me know that I would win

This brings me to closure

Of this terrible rhyme

Pouring my heart out to whoever will listen

Thankful to know that you've given your time

To read what my demons have said in my thoughts

And stop me from committing the very worst crime