Cherokee Lover

Cherokee Lover:

Envelop me

within the inner curves of you're mountains brow.

My sultry singer of the wind.

His red hands fill me,

see me,

love me,

be me,

for he and I are one


as I stretch myself out

under the slippery skin of stars.

Cherokee Lover:

my curly hair is a shield

and my skin a mask

made up of freckles and limitless sunsets.

My Cherokee lover

came back to me tonight

and filled me as beautiful as he once did.

Cherokee Lover:

my veins

purple and blue

are made up of deep rivers

all reflecting

the tightly wrapped feelings that I feel for you.

Cherokee Lover:

I think

that tonight

my soul echoing can be heard for miles.

Cherokee Lover:

don't leave my side.

Never take

you're battle hardened eye's away

or disappear into the night again,

like smooth butter across the sharp end of a knife.

Cherokee Lover:

I know that you want to leave me tonight

I know that you're blood calls you away

as though the very earth were whispering to you're inner core.

Cherokee Lover:

take hold of my hand

and never let go

let me again

feel the slickness of you're skin so close to mine

and you're leathery lips across my own.

Cherokee Lover:

I am fire,

and a flame

never meant to be put out.

I will stay

Cherokee lover

until you're weary road tires of you.

I'll still be

the same simple girl that you see before you now,

only distant

and in the future

when you come to me again

Cherokee Lover.