Of Ends To Come

smell the flower
while the bloom's still burning red
taste the power
while the body's not rotting dead

beauty dries and crumbles
the dice of future rumbles
and its prediction crushes
all the long gone hushes

whispered in a starry night
under a shining dead starlight

far, so far
the longing touches any star
dead, so dead
everything rots inside my head

the lie of eternity
the lie of trinity
the illusion of feeling
a gear that stops reeling

but time won't stop
it just won't halt
so we harvest our crop
though we see the fault

so we cope and cope
so we hope and hope
but the ending is already there
another broken soul enters the lair

(of despair)
in despair


(but am I to care?)
who will care?

about whispers long gone
telling from love and hate
about the ends to come
the one and inevitable fate