Time To Let Go

By: Kitana

"You wanted to talk to me, Jade?" said James breezily. He made to brush a loose strand of hair back from her eyes, but she didn't let him. She took a step back. James chuckled. "What's wrong?" he teased. "Don't like my touch anymore?" Jade couldn't meet his gaze. She just couldn't. She kept her gray eyes on the ground.

"I called you here to talk, James," she said quietly. "Not to play." James laughed uproariously.

"Play? That's a good one." He was grinning from ear to ear. Jade took a shaky breath. She didn't want to wipe that bright smile off his face, yet she knew she had to.

"This isn't going to work out, James." James' smile faltered for a moment.

"What isn't?"

"Our--Our relationship." Jade suddenly became very interested in a small ladybug crawling on the ground.

"What do you mean?" His smile had vanished; a slightly panicked look had replaced his face.

"I think we should--go our different ways, that's all," Jade managed. "I-I mean, it won't work out, you know--you and me--maybe you should--find somebody else that--that's good for you, you know--I-I'm just not good enough."

"But you're the only one good enough for me," said James pleadingly. He tried to wrap his arms around her comfortingly, but Jade almost slapped his hand away.

The thing was, James was tailing her too much--he was creepy sometimes. For example, whenever she was on the phone with a guy(who was mostly her father, or her adorable younger brother), and James was in the scene, he would demand who it was. His eyes would have a gleam in them, and they would be narrowed. It made Jade incredibly nervous, and when she stammered, "It's my family--I can talk to them, can't I?", James would knock the phone from her hand(Jade had several broken phones and cellphones in the trash already), grab her shoulders harshly, and say fiercely, "Who are you seeing other than me?" Then he'd shake her when she replied, "Nobody", and told her she was only going to see him, be with him, talk to him, etc. Jade was fed up and afraid of that routine, so she tried avoiding him when she made a phone call, but somehow James always managed to find her talking with a guy friend or somebody.

James simply refused to let her have any other friends other than him, and forbade her to talk to anybody at school. He was with her for practically twenty-four hours a day, and once even called her at three o'clock in the morning to check up on her. Jade didn't want any of that anymore. She wasn't going to sit back and let James take charge of her destiny.

"I love you, Jade," he pleaded. "Don't leave me."

"Sorry, James," said Jade in an unconvincingly urgent voice. "I-I had dinner plans." James' face hardened a little.

"It's with another man, isn't it," he said quietly. Tricky territory; a question without being asked as a question. Jade swallowed guiltily.

"N-No--m-m-my mother wanted me to come home for dinner, because it's been a long time ever since we got together as a family, because I have to be with you all the time, and I've got to hurry, I promised my mother that I would help cut th-the vegetables and bake the soup--"

"Soup is cooked," corrected James accusingly. He grabbed her wrist tightly. Jade's eyes were wide and fearful, darting towards where her hand was held hostage.

"Right--c-cook the soup, and my mother's also really tired after work, I have to help her with stuff, I don't want her to be overworked or anything--"

"It's only three o'clock, Jade," said James even more quietly. "You can't be preparing dinner now."

"We eat dinner at five," said Jade defensively. "And tonight's a special night, we're going to have a lot of dishes, it'll take a lot of time to prepare, with my brother always messing things up, you know?" All the time she said that, her head was bowed and her eyes wandered everywhere but at James. Even if she said a lot, Jade knew James could see her lying through her teeth. She was never really a big fat liar. "I have to go, James, see you," said Jade hurriedly, and she wrenched her hand out of James' grip, not looking back once as she rushed across the street without even looking at the traffic lights. James stared at the spot where Jade was a few seconds ago.

"You're mine, Jade," he whispered. "You can't escape from me."


Her hands in her pockets, Jade set off for home quickly, checking feverishly every once in a while to see if James was following her. She had gotten rid of him. Perhaps he would be happier with another girl.

Jade missed her friends more than anything. Her family, too. James made it almost impossible to let her hear or see her family and friends ever again, for her dragged her to his house all the time, and she had to be with him whether he was watching TV, or if he was in the shower. (On those occasions, she would wait outside the door.) James was handsome, yes, but she could take *him* anymore. It was just too lonely.

Her shiny raven-coloured hair rippled in the warm summer breeze. She shivered, even though it was extremely hot outside. She only had on a light periwinkle blue T-shirt and deep aquamarine shorts, anyway. Some people were even wearing jeans as they passed her. Jade turned her head, and could have sworn she saw James dart behind a rose bush. That was it. He had REALLY freaked her out. Jade broke into a run.


"Shit," James swore under his breath. Jade was running towards her house; she had seen him. He flopped down onto the grass, which was freshly cut.

All he wanted was Jade. When he first saw her in high school, all he wanted was to have her wrapped around his finger so tightly she'd never leave him again. It had worked, hadn't it? She went practically everywhere with him.

But she still wanted to break up.

James watched as Jade clumsily thrust the key into the door and rush in. Was she scared of him or something? James touched his face. No, he knew he was incredibly good-looking; he could have been another Brad Pitt. So why did she run from him?


"Hi, mom!" greeted Jade in a fake cheerful voice. Her mother looked up from the newspaper and her lips broke into a smile.

"Hi, Jade," replied her mom. "Good day?" Jade forced a grin.

"It was fantastic!"

"That's good. How's your boyfriend, uh...Jason or whatever his name was?" Jade froze in her steps. She wanted to go upstairs.

"You mean James?" she said rather shakily.

"Oh yes, James. Wonderful young man, you know."

"I--" Jade swallowed. "I broke up with him just a few minutes ago, actually. He's the reason you don't see me much." Jade's mother jumped in her chair.

"What?" she said sharply. "What do you mean, 'he's the reason we don't see you much'? Hey--Jade! Honey?" Jade had already thundered up the stairs and shut herself in her room.


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