Elegant Addiction

The sound of shattered glass,
Fills me with unfounded fear,
Yet it soothes the fantasies,
As droplets blur my vision.

Lingering obsessions lay embedded,
Enticing unshed tears to surge.
A shadow begins to waver,
Waking my saccharine dreams.

Ubiquitous and enchanting,
Privately embracing in rapture.
Simple words are softly stolen,
While whispers feed the night.

Obsidian dreams and a pallid heart,
Rousing dreadful captivations.
Innocence swept into maturity,
Vacant eyes pleading with time.

A single glance ignites fire,
A faint touch overflows,
A red moon glitters in the distance,
As pure white flowers unfold.

The cadenced pounding continues,
Calling to lost angels.
Soaring in a sweet requiem,
The world slowly fades away.