He hears inside him the voices

They are silent as ever today

Leaving him with painful choices

He never thought his soul would decay

Locked inside him are secrets and hate

An evil he cant stand to bare

Keeping him breathing, making him wait

No one knows, nor even will care

It's life or death for this poor man

Inside him he screams out for life

But no one can hear him, they never can

As the reaper draws closer with strife

He's shut himself up on the inside

And outside he tortures with sin

Knowing exactly where hate will reside

He picks up his knife with a grin

Hostages held in the pitch black

Waiting to someday see light

They hoped that he would not come back

When he finds them again they wont fight

Letting him torture them slowly

Knowing he's dying today

Living for all that is holy

Salvation is two breaths away

He pauses to listen for voices

He's blinded, he can't see the cape

Of the reaper that's stolen his choices

For damnation no one can escape

Straight to hell this man has been sent to

Right into his very worst dreams

For now he knows not what to do

Because now he's the one who screams

Screaming for someone to come

Drowning himself with the blood

A death song he's started to hum

A river turns into a flood

Staining his soul with lies

Taking away what was pure

Out to no one he cries

Of this he certainly sure

You have a chance to repent now

A chance to take back what is wrong

It doesn't matter if you don't know how

This tale of yours wont be so long