Okay. This is the second story of Keseiko. In case you haven't, make sure to read "The Change" first, -k-? It'll make a whole lot more sense.

This is my original story, so it's fully mine, unlike "The Change".

MAIN CHARACTERS: Kai Koneko Keseiko Shade Poltergeist Clarissa

This is where we left off in "The Change". Keseiko is now a Death Immortal under the Luna Moon. She has barely escaped death and total mind-control of Poltergeist. This story starts off at a party - a rave. There, she meets the human mortal, Shade. He is the first Humanflesh to ever touch her, or ANY Catine, since her change. It turns out that he is the nephew of Poltergeist, who turns out that he wasn't killed as Kai and Koneko thought. Keseiko makes one fatal choice.

Is Keseiko a traitor, or is she telling the truth?