~From "The Luna Moon"

Keseiko's power waned. She looked up at the Luna Moon and totally forgot about her battle with Cacique.

The Luna Moon changed into a white cloud of mist. It swept down the streets and twirled around everyone, including Cacique.

"What is this?!" cried Cacique.

'You should know, Cacique,' a mad voice echoed across every mind.

The mist collected together and formed the outline of a woman. It collected, and the Luna Moon stood in front of them in her true form.

"Mater Luna!" exclaimed both Kai and Koneko.

Keseiko gasped. She had never seen Her true form. Never thought She had a form.

The Luna Moon in her true form walked over to Keseiko. She took her hand and led her over to Chris, Kawaii, Dimona, Kai, Koneko, and Shade. She pulled them all together. Without words, her light illuminated through all of them, bonding them together for eternity. Keseiko thought it was the best feeling in all the dimensions.

Keseiko smiled, enjoying the look of panic that fell upon Cacique's glowing countenance. 'Take this, Cacique!' she thought to herself.

"Keseiko, that's enough," the Luna Moon said. Though she had only spoken in a whisper, it was so loud that Keseiko fell back a step.

Cacique smiled. "Well, well, well. We meet once again, Luna."

"So we do."

"And where are your sisters?"

"Sisters!" Keseiko gasped. The Luna Moon had sisters?!

"Oh, you want to see them, do you?" the Luna Moon smiled.

"Mm hmm," snarled Cacique.

"Very well," sighed the Luna Moon.

Keseiko watched in fascination as the Luna Moon opened her arms wide open. A violent wind stormed up and the sky darkened. The clouds gathered and seemed to turn into a tornado. A chill swept through Keseiko, and she squinted her eyes, straining to see correctly.

The clouds formed into one and came down next to the Luna Moon. Soon, a figure stood on the right side of the Luna Moon. The figure had very pale skin, long, black, silky hair that snaked down to the center of her back, brilliant crystal-blue eyes, crimson-red lips, high cheek bones, and long, black eyelashes that were perfectly curled.

Keseiko stared.

"Well," said the woman. "It's almost a pleasure to see you again, Cacique."

"You too, Siope," Cacique leered.

"Siope!" Keseiko whispered.

Siope looked over at Keseiko.

"Dear Keseiko, the fair Death Immortal, come to me."

Keseiko was entranced.

"Keseiko, the girl I created."

"Huh? Created . . me?" Keseiko stammered.

"But of course, Kesei. I am the one who is in control of death; of silence. I was the one who made you."

"But . . Luna Moon . . . . Psychic City . . " sputtered Keseiko.

"Ah, yes. Luna, my younger sister here, might have been the one whom you were made under. But I, dear Kesei, was the one who is responsible for your Enhancement."

It all made sense now. The reason that all the moon guardians and immortals were so different was because they were "created" by different . . . .Keseiko didn't know what Siope and Luna were really. All her life she thought Luna was just a special full moon with powers. Powers that she thought flowed in her veins. But Siope? She never knew there were other extremely strong ones like the Luna Moon.

"Keseiko. You must stop calling me 'The Luna Moon.' I am no more a moon than you are a human." Keseiko realized the Luna Moon was speaking to her.

"Yeah, Humanflesh." Keseiko mumbled.

"And you must stop using the term 'Humanflesh.' It's not used as it used to. It's humans, dear Keseiko."

"Yes, Luna."

Siope smiled then looked back at Cacique. "Well, Cacique. We're here."

"No, you're not," Cacique sneered. "Where's the third?"

Keseiko only half expected Cacique to say something like that.

"I'm right here, Cacique," a timid voice said. The third put a hand on Keseiko's left shoulder. "Dear Keseiko, that I've heard so much about. I am Morella, the third maiden."