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Chucky (Charles ) Tiger Star: Prince of Crescent Star , Zeline ( human with cat tail , and ears ) , witty, sarcastic, cocky, and confident. Is the Neon Sorcerer (legendary sorcerer . If he uses his powers right he could be one of the most strongest sorcerer's /sorceress ever ) Uses heavy blade called Crescent Saber Sword. Age 59 ( Looks 12 )

Rusty: A talking house cat. Sarcastic, serious at sometimes, and a good help. He's Chucky's friend/ pet. Can't fight ! Age ???

Priss Mast Star: Older sister of Chucky, princess of Crescent Star. Zeline. Prissy , but has a nice side. Can fight good with her own hands. Age 76 ( Looks like a 14 year old )

Zapa Lilly Elf : HEAD Scientist of Satav. She's a Dragona (A human, with dragon ears ) , she uses a laser gun when needed . She's the type of person that sticks to her goals, very mean , and moody at times. (Looks 25 ( I know the site says 20, but I messed up )

Luna Crescent : One of the top soldiers in Satav. She has become a favorite , and she can fight great with a sword. She's a zeline. She has a nice side, but she hides it up with meanness . She hates being called weak. Age : 60 (looks like a 13 year old )

Libra: Queen of Satav, a dragona. She's very young . She always wants to get things right .

Age: 46 (looks like a 11 year old )


Sorcerer of Destiny

Chapter 1

Episode 12 " SR59 the Cyborg "

Series : SR59

Date: Lonite 19, 2001

(December ) ( 7 days after Blast to the Future )


Scene 1 " Bad news "

( Seven days after Blast to the Future , Chucky is told by Flame that there future son is missing. They suspect Satav was the ones to kidnap him, one to get revenge , and two because they want Chucky; for testing, to see if he's the Neon Sorcerer. )

( Chucky, is fighting two guards at the front doors of the Satav palace . Chucky quickly ducked the punch of one of the guards , and then pulled out his Crescent Saber sword, and slashed the other guard that was trying to attack him from behind. The guard he attack fell back unconscious. Chucky turned around to the guard that tried to punch him before , and put away his sword. He gave a cocky smile, as he walked up to him, he aimed his hand up at the guard, whom was backing up scared. )

Chucky: You can run away now, and I wouldn't hurt you.

( The guard shook his head no, even though he was scared. The guard's dragon ears where now down like )

Guard: (Scared ) ! I must pro.protect the queen.

( A beam was forming in Chucky's hand, as he rolled his eyes. )

Chucky: Fine by me. Your the one that's going to say to your friends, that you were beat by a little boy...not to mention Zeline. (Saying spell ) Neo Nova beam !

( The beam hit the scared guard right in the stomach, as he flew back , and hit the palace wall, unconscious . Chucky gave a cocky smile. )

(Theme song )

Scene 2 " Bratty Zeline"

( Zapa slammed her fist on the table of her lab. The lab was all computers, circled around a platform that held a zeline cyborg. Zapa was looking at the computer screen, that showed Chucky at the front door turned around talking to Rusty, and Priss. Luna was behind Zapa, as she was looking at Zapa confused, with her cat ears like . Zapa growled as she screamed out. )

Zapa : That zeline brat !

(Luna's mouth fell open. )

Luna: Hey ! I'm a zeline ! I don't want any stereotyping remarks about zelines, around me Zapa ! You hear me Zapa !? Zapa !

(Zapa never mind her, and looked at the computer screen still very mad. )

Zapa: How dare he come to the front doors , and knock out the two guards! I'm guessing this is a warning .

Luna: Or , to tell us we have bad security.

(Zapa turned around to Luna, as her dragon ears shook up ^ ^ )

Zapa : We do not have any bad security here !

Luna: Zapa , they where both beaten by a little boy.

(Just then the door to the computer room opened up. Luna, and Zapa turned around to see the Queen Libra walk in. They both gave there respected bows. )

Libra: So, that zeline prince broke through our two guards at the front door, hum ?

(Luna , and Zapa both shook there head yes, as Zapa answered.)

Zapa : Yes , queen. That's one of the many reasons I believe he is the Neon sorcerer .

Libra: Yes.. I guess, but Zapa they were both weak guards .

( A sweat drop appeared above Zapa's head, as Luna looked over with that look of I told you so. )

Libra: Good thing we have his child , and ...

(Libra looked behind Zapa , and Luna at the Cyborg, that was all strapped up, by wires, and smiled. )


Time to start this new series right ! Priss here , miss me ? Next time on Sorcerer of Destiny. Chucky tells us all what's bothering him . Bad news , I think. Well it's making him more mean, and in good news a much better fighter. That's not all, Zapa shows up with a new one of her creations. Making one of us very hurt, but will that stop us ? Zapa also says Chucky knows the cyborg personally . Who is it? Figure out next time on Sorcerer of Destiny !

Chucky: Please excuse , Priss's stupid preview.

Priss: Also please excuse the slap marks on Chucky, in the next chapter.

(Chucky pathetically laughs )

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