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Scene 5 "Memory 2"

(Still in the huge lab room. Chucky was in the air, ready to do anything that would not effect him, nor memory 2. He looked right at Memory two in the air also. Zapa was sitting on the lab table, watching the whole thing. Flame, was watching the fight with R (SR59's real nickname) Flame looked back over at R, with a confused look on her face.)

Flame: Did you turn good, when I was a sleep, or something ?

(R looked at her, and shook his head about 40 times, really quickly. Flame got a sweat drop above her head, and than looked back at Chucky, and Memory 2)

Flame: I'll just guess yes.

Memory 2: Let's start, we don't have all day.

Chucky: How do you know it's day?

(Memory paid no mind to Chucky's remark, at once he appeared behind Chucky, and slashed the back of one of Chucky's legs, ripping his trench coat, jean pants, and skin (where under trench coat) Chucky turned around, and immediately blocked the next slash from Memory 2, holding the block.)

Chucky: I was serious, about it being night.

(Chucky released the block, and back flipped back to the ground, in no time. He put his Crescent Sabor sword back in his sword holder, and held his hand up to Memory 2. Memory 2 flew down, and tried to slash him, but he moved to the side, escaping it. Still aiming his hand at Memory 2, as a black, beam with a little blue came in it, was forming in his hands.)

Chucky: (Thinking) If I can't hurt him, I might as well put him to sleep. (saying beam) Neo Night sleeping magischer Lichtstrahl!

(Memory 2 watch it come at him, and quickly dodged it, by moving the side. Memory 2 started flying at Chucky, in high speeds. He was too quick for Chucky. The Memory slashed him, right in the waist while going past him, and than landed on the lab room ground. Chucky was bending down hurt, be before he knew it, memory 2 stabbed him right in the back, Chucky's eyes widen. He could feel the blood come out of the wound, Memory 2 smiled, and pulled out the sword, out of Chucky's body. Chucky fell hard on the ground. Flame gasped, and ran up, to him. He was out, she kneeled down, and felt his wrist, to check for any signs of life; a tear was seen to be coming out of one of her eyes. R looked at Zapa, as she started to laugh insanely.)

Zapa: Flame, R, did you really think that he could of won against, Falco Mayna Memory 2!?

(Flame stood up, looking right at Zapa. Zapa was sitting on the lab table with her legs crossed. Flame looked furious, she was not about to have her bad day, end even more awful, even though it was turning out that way.)

Flame: Zapa, this is all your fault! You will pay for what you've have done! You will pay for hurting, maybe even killing, the man I love !

(Flame pulled out her laser gun and started shooting like a madman. Zapa had no time to think. One shoot that's all it took. One shoot through her heart, knocked Zapa off the table, and too the floor, dieing. R ran up to Flame, and quickly took her hand, that held the gun, and forced it out of her hand. Zapa was dead )

R: Your turning psycho!

(Memory 2 was watching, as a evil smile made it's way across his face. He jumped, and started flying in the air, looking at the place Zapa once was.)

Memory 2: My master is dead. I can finally do anything I want anytime. That means I can get pay back…

(Memory 2 looked right at his older sister Flame, whom turned around, and started crying in R's arms.)

Memory 2: …on my big sis. Showing her, who can run away from a problem now.

(Memory 2 started charging at Flame with his sword at hand, flying at top speeds. R looked and in surprise saw him coming at them, quickly throwing him, and Flame to the ground. Flame wiped away some of her tears, as R was getting up, knowing Memory 2 missed them. She looked at R, as she was getting up.)

Flame: What happened?

R: It's the anger side of your brother, he wants one of us dead.

Flame: But we can't… I can't hurt him.

(Just than the doors, of the lab room opened, Flame, and R looked to see Burneri, and Prin standing there They finally made it.)

Burneri: But you have to mom. Memory 1 wants to be free, and I promised him liberation .

(Flame was surprised to see Burneri out from where ever he's been captured. R just looked confused.)

R: Did I miss something? Did he just call her mom? Am I going crazy?

Memory 2 from behind R: Will you shut-up ?!

(R turned around, and ducked as Memory 2 swooped by him, trying to slash him with his sword. Everyone watched memory 2 come down from flying, and look right at Burneri.)

Memory 2: How dare you tell someone to kill me!

(Burneri growled as he formed a beam in his hand, and fire it at Memory 2 yelling)

Burneri: (saying spell) Neon Star death blast !

(The memory just dodged out of the way, as it started to charge, at Burneri, with his sword. Prin (whom was right next to Burneri) pulled out her whip, and whipped memory 2 in a matter of seconds. Memory 2 screamed in pain, as he flew back. Memory 2 got back up, and turned and looked at Flame, and R, and than looked back at Prin, and Burneri.)

Memory 2 : This is so stupid ! I must kill you all ! I must! You all are in it too kill me, so I must kill you!

(Memory 2 started glowing red, his purple ghost body was seen no more. Fire surrounded him, as he raised up in the air, everyone was watching.)

Memory 2:(saying spell) Satav fire Zorn-Tod !

(Fire encircled him, and than blast out, hurting anything that was standing about 3 feet tall! Burneri, Prin, R, and Flame all fainted out. Was this it? Memory 2 flew slowly back down, and looked right at Chucky's body laying there, he smiled. Seconds of silence went by, Memory 2 smiled.)

Memory 2: I feel your anger raising.

(Memory 2 turned around, and started walking to the door, smiling. Knowing Chucky, as he did, weakly get up, picking up his sword, and look right at Memory 2)

Chucky: (weak) Why do you want me, all alone?

(Memory 2 stopped walking, and turned around to Chucky. Noticing Chucky's wound was mainly healed up, even though he was weak. )

Chucky: I asked you a question, or are you too stupid to answer ?

(Out of nowhere, Memory 2 yelled out…)

Memory 2: Fight me, for your friends lives.

Chucky: You act like you have control over them.

(Memory 2 growled, as his cat ears went down, his cat tail swung back, and forth. Fire was surrounding his body again, he was getting mad. Chucky was still weak but gave his cocky smile.)

Chucky: Getting mad? I just realized your weakness, and that's..

(Chucky quickly disappeared, and came behind Memory 2 slashing his back with his Crescent Sabor


Chucky: …too…

(Chucky disappeared, and slashed memory 2 in the stomach.)

Chucky: …make you know! That you're still human in a way!

(Falco felt his stomach, as it bleed , he looked at his hand, it was blood, he's own human blood! Something he never thought he would have had again. It was human red blood.)

Falco: Human blood!

(The memory of Falco fainted out by lost of blood, and slowly drifted away to eternal sleep. Chucky stood there, and put his sword away, and frowning at Falco, as the body glowed purple, and transformed back to his old self; to the way he was before he got experimented on.)

(Chucky bent down, and turned him over, looking at the young Falco.)

Chucky: I wish I could of saved you…sorry.

(Just than Falco's body started glowing, Chucky sat back amazed, as he watched a spirit from the boy's body raise out of the body. He looked at Chucky, and smiled.)

Falco's spirit: Thank you

(The spirit smiled, and reached into his pocket, and gave a huge happy smile, holding out a shinny rock.)

Falco's spirit: And look I have the shinny green rock. The last thing I saw before anything happened.

(The spirit throw the rock to Chucky, as he caught it. Chucky looked at the rock, and than the spirit of Falco, whom was still holding a smile.)

Falco: Tell Flame I love her. Oh and keep the rock, put it in the room. Remember me, and remember how you saved me.

(Falco flew up in the air, still having Chucky amazed.)

Falco: Bye!

Scene 6 "The end"

Lonite 20, 2001

(December…one day later…sundown)

( The snow was falling, as Chucky, and Flame where walking around the Crescent Star palace backyard, forest. Chucky stopped walking, and leaned his back on a tree, as Flame looks over, with a smile, even though Chucky looked a little depressed, as he sank his hands in his pockets.)

Flame: I never said thank you for saving me, and everyone else.

(Chucky looked up, and shook his head no, and than looking back down at the ground. )

Flame: Stop being sad, I don't care that you couldn't save Falco.

(Chucky looked up at her)

Flame: Well I did, but he wanted to be free, you freed him.

Chucky: You'll miss him, wouldn't you?

(Flame sighed, as her breathe could have been seen in the cold air.)

Flame: Ya, but everyone misses their brothers.

(Chucky gave a small smile, as he looked back down at the snow ground again. Still having his hands in his pockets. Flame smiled, and walked up to Chucky, and unexpectedly kissed him, and kept kissing him……..still kissing him. Chucky's eyes widen, and than just went along with it. FINALLY they stopped. )

(Ok so it was only a minute )

(Flame smiled, as Chucky looked at her speechless. Flame backed up, and than walked away, looking back at the now puzzled Chucky.)

Flame: I don't want to go out right now. Destiny will tell us when.

(Chucky watched speechless, still having his hands, in his pockets. Rusty walked out of a bush, he was hiding in, probably even spying, and started to laugh as Chucky looked down, at him with a annoyed look.)

Rusty: You're a loser.

(Chucky growled, and looked back at the trail, to the disappearing Flame, walking away.)

Chucky: I'm not the one who's going to die, tonight.

(Chucky gave a small evil smile, and laugh, as Rusty's eyes widen.)

Scene 7 "More!?"

(Back in the huge lab room, blood was everywhere. Zapa laid there dead, still fresh blood was seen around her, though it was a day ago. A mysterious woman walked up to her, bent down, and slide her finger in the blood. The woman stood up, and smiled at the blood in her hand.)

Woman: The Neon Sorcerer will be mind.

(The woman started to laugh evilly, another problem?)

To be Continued


Burneri: Did you notice my spell? It was used the last time I fought Dogbudr, or should I say Falco Mayna. It almost killed him the first time.

Chucky: Sadly Burneri's a loser, and it didn't work a second.


A woman with a baby? A woman telling the Neon religion story? What does this all mean? Hey it's Chucky, and it seems like some woman named Athena wants the Neon Sorcerer, but why? But believe me that's not the main plot, some way I end up on a island, with my new best friend.

Burneri: Stop lying dad, he's your new rival

Chucky: *sweat drop* I know….sadly. Well anyway that's next time, and more about the history. It's nothing at all like SR59.

Flame: Besides everyone wanted the Neon Sorcerer but that's not the big topic this time *big smile*

Chucky: Ya, well look for Sorcerer of Destiny: Neon Legends.