Long ago in a world that was much different from the one we now know something happened that would change the world forever. But we'll start from the beginning. Mankind was a race that was relatively new to the world but they had no idea anything but the animals and them existed, so they considered themselves the first. They had cities and towns but their world was mostly made up of small tight knit communities. Most men were farmers, or men who lived off the land. They had little worries of invasion because they had no real enemies and lived happy and peaceful lives.
Meen was no exception to that rule. A small independent community in the heart of the Green Hills. Most of its inhabitants farmed for a living and had no worries. They once had a great army that had warded off many foes, but it was disbanded when the city of Blate was built only twenty miles to the north. The city gave them protection and means of selling their crops. Nothing odd really happened there.
Hadius Clese was an inhabitant of Meen. He was not young but not old, somewhere in his mid thirty's. He had brown hair down to his shoulders, piercing brown eyes and was around six feet tall. He farmed a hill overlooking the great Tian River. He planned to live out the rest of his life that way, but as for him, fate had a different path in mind.

Deep underground in a cavern of great proportions, an army was preparing for war. Soldiers put on coats of armor, all with the seal of the Red Claw. Three red pointed fingers that oddly resembled throwing knives. It was the mark of their great leader, Bastille. In addition to arms that they already carried their clawed fingers also served as weapons against their foes. Each claw could cut through a human arm in one blow if swung at a decent pace. Now this was no ordinary army. It was one of the forbidden other races of the world. Many people had names for this race, but mankind just used it as a ruse to scare children. The names included devils, goblins, gremlins, but the most revered of all was demons. They lived in the darkness of nightmares, every once in a while praying on a small child that strayed to near the entrance to their domain. They ate flesh and drank blood and the ones who remember this race think that is what provides their unusual long life. They were planning a siege unto all mankind, who had no idea they even existed. They would march toward Blate at twilight. It would be the first stop in a deadly parade that would eventually span the entire continent. (note that the world was at this time just one huge continent) The sun had set and darkness slowly enveloped the world. Twilight had come. With a wave of his giant arm Bastille sent the army on the unsuspecting race.