Ebonie and Rachel

Set out to destroy The Evil Lord Of Doom in the easiest manner possible. Thus, holding a party and inviting everyone they suspect of being agents. They're omniscient, omnipotent, and generally better than everyone else.


She will do anything to get with Charles, no matter what. She also has been sent on a mission by The Evil Lord Of Doom to infiltrate Ebonie and Rachel's secret lair. She likes butter and peanut butter and she cannot tell a lie. Unless, it's too keep her secret from Charles (her secret being that she likes him.)


Thinks he's gay but really likes Kim. He does not have the slightest who The Evil Lord Of Doom is. He has an obsession with the band Troglodyte, who are really controlled by The Evil Lord Of Doom' best friend's cousin.


Likes to talk a lot, but never really says anything. Everyone thinks that she's insane because she has an imaginary friend, but her imaginary friend is really The Evil Lord Of Doom. He can only be seen as ultraviolet rays, and due to a freak nuclear accident when she was four, she can see ultraviolet lights and is more susceptible to skin cancer. Congress does not understand. She is The Evil Lord Of Doom's right hand man or woman for those feminists out there.

The Evil Lord Of Doom

He is invisible to everyone but Danielle. He is very evil and ultraviolety.