Tears Of Blood

In my dream, I walked along, and I could see your back, rapidly disappearing. I called out your name, certain that if you heard me, you would turn around and come back, or at least acknowledge my presence. But you didn't hear me, and you kept on walking in the other direction. I looked down at my wrists, and found that the cuts which had healed up before were now opening again, and the blood was pouring out, staining my white, flowing dress with huge red blotches. The louder I shout your name, the faster you walk, until you are almost running, and I run too, trying to keep up with you. I stumble over tree roots, which you take easily into your stride. Soon, I know that it's no good. Every time I fall to the ground and get up again, I lose more time, and now you are so far away that I can barely see you... you're just a dot on the distant horizon. I gradually slow down, and I feel a warm trickle down my cheeks. I brush the dampness away, and look at my fingers, expecting to see tears, but the tears are red- and I realise, to my horror, it is blood that I am crying. I try one last scream, one desperate attempt to make you turn around and come running back into my arms. But I fail. And as I curl up in a ball on the cold, dirty, ground, I sob more and more deep red tears, knowing that I am never going to see you again.