A Reason For Living

(A brunette sits on a chair at a table, her head in her hands. She has been crying, and has only just stopped, as she is wiping tears from her cheeks. She tries not to make it so obvious that she is upset, as she sees a dark haired, tall boy approach.)

Jack: Lorna? What's the matter?

Lorna: Nothing. (She quickly sits up, and puts on an obviously fake smile, as Jack sits beside her.)

Jack: You've been crying. (He takes her hand, and she grasps him, tightly.)

Lorna: I'm OK. Honestly.

Jack: What's that you've been writing?

Lorna: Nothing. (She puts her free hand over the top of the notebook so he can't see what it is.)

Jack: Lorna, baby, if you really want to be with me, you have to learn to trust me. I'm here for you, OK? Please believe me...

Lorna: Jack, I do believe you. It's just... it's just... (she chokes back some more tears) everything is so hard. And it's getting harder.

Jack: But I'm willing to talk to you about it! I might not be very good at giving advice, but I can try. And if not, at least I can listen to you. (Lorna openly considers this.)

Lorna: You're right. I'm sorry for not trusting you enough. But after everything I've been through, it gets quite hard sometimes.

Jack: I know that, baby. But will you let me see what you've written there? Please? (Lorna shakes her head stubbornly. Jack's tone becomes more pleading, and so do his eyes.) Please, Lorna?

Lorna: (With a sigh.) Alright then. But I warned you. Don't be angry or upset. (Lorna begins to cry again, softly.)

Jack: (Reads the notebook aloud) I've wanted to tell you this for so long. To explain the pain I am feeling. But I can't, and the only way I can make it known is by hurting myself. And then I feel even more guilty, because I know how much you hate it when I do that, and how bad it makes you feel. I can't live any longer, Jack. It's not you. It's me. I love you so much, and you've made my last couple of months a lot more bearable, but I just can't do it. I can't live with the hurt. Please don't blame yourself. When you get this, I'll be somewhere else, somewhere where I don't have to cry and bleed anymore. All my love, Lorna. (Jack is crying by this time, too).

Lorna: I'm... I'm so sorry Jack.

Jack: You can't do it. I need you. Please, Lorna, you have so much to live for. You have no reason to die. (Jack tilts Lorna's head, so their eyes squarely meet. He kisses her, and she responds.)

Lorna: (Whispering) I love you, Jack. I won't do it, as long as you help me.

Jack: I'll help in any way I can.

(The two of them embrace, seemingly uncaring about how many people around them are now staring. They don't care, because each has what they want- a reason to be alive- each other.)