Nobody there
Just the air
The wind wailing
Branches scratching
Insects and rodents
Wings whirring teeth gnawing
At the threads of human sanity

No one understands
There is more than normality out there
Some sounds cannot be explained
And visions of blood drenched horrors sated
Fears quenched with smiles and nods of understanding
But eerie screams are not always the wind
Scratching may not be trees and scuttling feet
on thread bare carpets may not be hint of rodents
but warning of something way more sinister

Never will they admit it
That more than the expected survives
Wars raged and lives sacrificed
To keep us ignorant and oblivious
Sating our fears with the notion that we are alone
When truly, we are being watched from the inside
Examined and probed emotionally, physically mentally
Our every action feeling thought noted accounted recorded
But what do we care ? as far as we know ....we are alone.

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