Wash Away
Wind blows by,
Slaps you in the face.
Waves break,
Slowly fading away.
Clouds hover above,
So still and so soft,
But then they're swept away,
Forever gone.
Time flies by,
So swift and so fast,
Making every moment,
Having been treated as your last.
A breeze sweeps by you,
Blows your hair in the wind,
You've lost for now,
But wait, it's only beginning.
Sea sprays your face,
Water mixing with your tears,
And as you cry,
You recall everything so dear.
Wind blows by,
Slaps you in the face,
Memories break on the beach.
Slowly being washed.away.
A/N: Please read and review! I wrote this poem while waiting in a hotel
room for my parents. It over-looked the ocean so that's where my idea came
from. (Strange aint it?)