When roosters crow early in the morning,
We get mad,
'Cause we're tryin' to sleep!

That crowing is so annoying.
So, we chase them...

We're the Roosters Chasers,
Not the Ghost Busters!
Ghost Busters?
We're not chasing ghosts,
We're chasing roosters!

When we catch those roosters,
They're toast!
Yeah, Yeah!
Some fried rooster,
Not fried chicken.
Yep, those roosters will taste a whole lot than chicken!

What are we?
Rooster Chasers!
We're not what?
Ghost Busters!
Why? Why?
We're not chasing ghosts,
We're chasing roosters!
Yeah, yeah, yeah!
We're the Rooster Chasers!
Get 'em!

{{Note-- I just wrote this little poem or song (either one) because a
rooster next door crows every morning at my bedroom window. It wakes me up.
I hate that rooster! One of these days I'm going to catch it, cook it, and
eat it. Well, I don't know if my neighbors would like that, but I just
won't tell them. Shhh... keep quiet! Ok? Ok.}}