The Blackout

Chapter 2

"Don't you think you should call in work sick?" Gina asked her boyfriend Nick. They were wrapped up the bed sheets, and Nick had no intention on going anywhere today. They had just got a married 3 months ago and Nick was always reluctant to leave his wife.

"Yeah. I should." Nick said as he smiled, kissed her forehead and picked up the phone.


"Yo Vanessa!!" Kyle called to his girlfriend.

Vanessa was about to walk into the school building when she heard Kyle call her name. She turned around and walked back over to him.

"What?" Vanessa asked.

"You wanna skip today? I got my new Benz and I would love to drive you over to my house. My mom aint home."

"Sure. But I was supposed to meet up with my brother." Vanessa said, even though she had a smile on her face.

"Well, how about you tell him to come with."

"Oh sure, my brother will come with us just to see me and you making love I your bedroom. I thin not!"

"Alright then forget him lets just go."

Vanessa looked at the school, and then at Kyle. She gave him a smile and nodded her head. "Lets get the fuck out of here."


"Brendan. Who are you waiting for?" Lauren asked. Brendan smiled at his friend.

"I'm waiting for my knuckle head sister." Brendan said as he looked up and down the halls.

"I saw her get into Kyle's car and drive off. I'm guessing they are going to his house."

"I should have known. Well, I should leave and go over there after my attendance for today is taken."

"I'll leave with you." Lauren said to him. He smiled and they went off to class.

3:23 P.M. ****************

"I wanna go and watch some TV." Gina said to Nick. She walked downstairs and turned the TV on. She was watching the weather report, when the TV clicked off. "What the hell?" Gina murmured as she went over to check the plugs to the TV. Nothing was sparking. She flicked on the lights in the living room, and nothing happened.

'Baby, get over here!! Something is wrong with the power." Gina called. Nick came downstairs with his battery-operated radio.

"There seems to have been a blackout. No one knows what caused it, but all the power is out. Please stay inside, with your doors and windows locked." Said a news reporter.

"A blackout? We have to get the flashlights and batteries." Gina said alarmed.

"Yeah. I'll go down in the basement to get it. You get some batteries from the kitchen.

3:34 P.M. **************

"Kyle, Kyle, Kyle!!!!!" Vanessa moaned as Kyle gave a few more thrusts. He pulled out of her and lay next to her on his bed.

"Skipping school was a good idea. Wasn't it?" Kyle said with a laugh while he tried to catch his breath.

"Yeah." Vanessa said, breathing hard.

"You want something to drink? Cause we have been going at it since we got here, and it's making me thirsty." Kyle said as he pulled on his boxers and got out of the bed.

"Yeah. Water please." Vanessa said turning over to him and giving him a small smile.

Kyle gave her a kiss, and then went downstairs to the kitchen. It was already starting to get dark. He opened the refrigerator and waited to see if the light would come on. It didn't. He jiggled the little push thing, and when nothing happened he sighed.

"The bulb must be busted." Kyle said. He flicked the kitchen light on and nothing happened.

"What the fuck is going on!?" Kyle said out loud. At that moment someone started to knock on the door. Kyle went, and opened the door.

"Kyle, there's been a blackout. All over, there is no power." Brendan said as he and Lauren walked into the house. Kyle closed the door.

"Oh. That explains why there isn't any light." Kyle said as he scratched his head.

"What's taking so long?" Vanessa asked coming down the stairs wrapped in Kyle's bed sheets. When she saw her brother she raced backed upstairs to change.

"Well, we now know what you two have been up to." Lauren joked. Brendan just scowled.

"You guys did use protection right?" Brendan said in his tough voice.

"Yeah. We always do. Don't worry. I won't hurt your little sister."

'Only by 3 minutes." Vanessa said as she walked back down stairs, now fully dressed.

"What the hell are we going to do?" Kyle asked.

"Maybe you could go and put some clothes on." Lauren said. Kyle looked down, shrugged and went upstairs.

'Do you have a radio that uses batteries?" Brendan asked Kyle.

"Yeah! The kitchen radio." Kyle yelled. Brendan went into the kitchen, and picked up the radio. He turned it on and heard news reporters.

"We have just received word that the power outage will be in full effect for an estimated amount of 13 hours. We still don't know what caused this but we are trying to find out. For your safety, stay indoors and please lock all windows and doors. Keep friends and family near you, please have some flashlights and batteries in handy. We are told that as soon as it gets dark, which is in exactly another hour, to please stay indoors. Don't leave unless you have friends and a flashlight. Stay tuned and we will keep you updated."

A/N: I know this is getting boring, but I promise that it will get more exciting as soon as it gets dark, lol. I was just setting up the scenes for you, introducing the people. Please note, that more characters will be introduced throughout the chapters. Thanks for reading and please review.