Snowy Eagle

The year 3004, January the first, The world called earth expanded greatly during the year 2500. Earth settled Mars and huge space stations were built some as big as earth it self. The moon was colonized soon after Mars and warp gates to new solar systems were built. All was good until warp gates became unneeded so ships could freely go about where ever they pleased with no security checks and planets like earth became useless after there resources were used to the last. Humans spread like weeds and eventually an odd planet called MR 2 was discovered it held all resources ever needed by man. Not only did it have all the resources but they were regenerated daily. It was obvious who ever held MR2 would be a new power.and so the battle for MR2 began. Plants formed themselves into a federation while the Space Stations formed an alliance. That was over five hundred years ago and still the war for MR2 continues. Both sides are incredibly weakened from the struggle and few warriors still live people, warrior and civilian alike wish their governments to stop. Now a rogue transport ship named the Snowy Eagle will be the deciding fate of what happens upon this war and to human kind itself.

The Snowy Eagle, a bright white painted ship by all standards of the Federation and Alliance is outdated. Huge it is only made to transport material though with weaponry it could be considered a frigate. The thing is Captain McClain has turned his outdated transport into an independent transport warship. Though at first glance it seems to be an unarmored and under armed transport ship. The large white transport ship twice the size of the capital ships of these times dropped into the Solar system that was in the outreaches of the known system called Wagine system. It was supposed to be a rather safe system held by the alliance.

The ship dropped out quickly it's sublight engines on low as the warp drive engines whined once as they shut down for now. "Shit, Captain we have contact there's battle cruisers of the alliance and federation all over!" a young comm officer screamed frantically in distress of the situation to the captain that was on deck. McClain just nodded to the comm officer a little as his hand pressed down upon the communications button "all hands on deck, pilots to their fighters, gunners to blast cannon stations, we're going to war people" he said in a commanding voice. The second in command Thrice turned to the captain still seated in his chair next to the Captain's command area that was raised higher then the rest of the command pit. The small man's eyes burned in hatred his whole body was quivering as if he'd lash out at anyone that got close enough. "The alliance promised we wouldn't run into a battle when we arrived" the anger in his voice rising with each word he spoke. Thrice then stood up as he continued both his hands now clutched in fists "they said no fighting so we wouldn't need an escort ha!, it was only to save money on their part I say!" he gave a large sigh as he calmed himself down. Then Thrice finally seated himself now in a very calm and controlled voice "we should charge the alliance double for this little fiasco".

McClain glanced over to the small four foot ten bald headed man though Thrice's whole body was a bundle of muscles from working out so much. "Thrice if we charged them extra for the material they would be rather mad would they not?" he said in a non-rhetorical voice. As he continued "We can though charge them extra for our help in the war" McClain wore a large grin as he hit a button upon his command chair signaling that all gunners were free to pop the blast cannons out from concealment and fire at will. The smaller capital ships of the federation by this point were attempting to blast through the armor and shields of the Snowy Eagle. Then the capital ships of the federation fell back rather quickly in fear of their ships lives as the unarmed transport ship became a warship as huge blast cannons and turbo cannons dropped out of concealment and moved towards the multiple targets of the federation. Large red beams of light split through space with ease as they hit federation warships and started to carve right through the armor of the ships the smaller blast cannons firing light green light into small fighter craft moving around the Snowy Eagle.

Minimal fire was returned from the federation capital ships only a few stray beams of yellow light managed to return fire from some of the further out ships that hadn't gotten hitten by the first barrage of red light. The few yellow beams of light that did strike back just bounced off the shields and out into space harmlessly. Ryan "Ice" his nickname jumped up from the rusty old pilot's makeshift chair as a red and yellow light flashed through the ready room he was stationed in. He pulled on both of his high quality neo leather gloves favored by pilots in every sector of the known universe "Ha hear that boys and girls we finally have a battle to fight in!" he grinned as he said it. One of the other pilots at the table with the card game going just muttered something about Ryan being overly happy about war as he threw down in cards in disgust as he got up from his chair to get himself ready. The last pilot threw his cards into the air with out a care in the world figuring he'd clean them up if he got out of this battle alive as he ran towards the ready room's lockers.

Ryan flashed a grin at the remaining pilots as he grabbed his helmet and ran out wearing his light yellow jumpsuit full of enough pockets to survive a month in the desert with no food or water. As he ran down the hall he finally caught up with his best friend upon this ship Kai also known as Swift, "hey Kai where were you last night sulking in your room?" Kay stood over Ryan by about six inches or so making Ryan feel short even though he was considered tall being 6'4 or so. He looked down to his smaller friend with a smirk "Hey you know if I'm not in a bar I'm at the gym." Ryan just nodded as they split off in opposite directions Ryan for the high speed fighters and Kay for the bombers "See you in the air Kay" he said as he ran off towards his fighter.

Ryan scrambled up the latter to the cockpit within a second he closed the cockpit to his sleek prototype space fighter it looked like a small body maybe enough for one person a high powered engine, shield generators and twin power generators. The wings were like daggers attached to the side of the fighter's frame four turret style blast cannons were on the front of each wing two on each side and two auto turrets one on the top and one on the bottom. Ryan turned on the comm system and called into the launch patrol "This is Aviator 2 let's rock and roll" he said with excitement he was said to have battle rage though it has not been proven by anyone.

Thrice turned to Captain McClain quickly "Sir we should launch the fighters to screen us again the federation fighters and capital ships. The rest of the way into the space station?" as he took a seat in his command chair and calling up the damage battle damage of the Snowy Eagle. Seeing no serious damage to the ship since the turbo cannons had come online and out of concealment along with targeting enemy ships quite a bit. Captain McClain shook his head slightly "no Thrice I don't need pilots to give up their lives to save the ship from getting pounded by energy that will just merely hit off the shields." With that the captain stood up as the ship was hit with a combined volley of blasts from most of the federation ships in their general area not engaged with alliance ships. He slowly walked down the large bridge like structure that led over to the bridge's main viewport and over the crew pit as a small beeping sound came from his small pocket comm.

A devious smile came upon his face as he listened to the transmission to the end "Navigation turn us about to the nearest warp exit area that's clear if there is no warp exit clear, Weapon officer I want you to make it clear, Navigation prepare for warp space." Two hardy ayes were given like those of pirates as the ship moved about on it's maneuvering thrusters till they were in the clear space as the mighty Gormon class engines started to propel the ship forwards. The two large engines left a blue ion trail behind easily out pacing the Federation capital ships that didn't have the best in system speed ever. "Captain please get the gunnery to lay down cover fire I don't want to loose a warp projector while jumping. That could be fatal to the ship and her crew" the navigation's officer yelled up in a slightly stressed voice as a sweat broke out onto his face his hands moving across his broad furiously. The navigation's officer started to feed more power from the Gormon engines to the warp projector's engine feed storage area to build up power.

Captain McClain gave the navigation's officer a slight nod as he withdrew a small holo onboard ship communication's device from his white captain's suits only pocket it was small and easy to conceal since it could fold up. He unfolded the small device into a headset of some sort with a microphone and a speaker that went to his ear as he gently placed it upon his head. His hair was a dark black almost raven though silver streaks ran all over his hair showing age and experience through almost everything as a small light blue projector went over his right eye as he connected. "Alright Gilnu you'll get your cover fire" as he said that the small comm connected with the main weaponry room as a small image of the weapon's officer Vicky she always had an eye for tactics and exactly how and where to fire. "Hey there Vicky, Gilnu says he could use some cover fire to get us out of this hell hole. What do ya say can you help him out" Captain McClain asked her almost as if no battle was going on outside as if it were merely a normal laid back conversation you'd have with your best friend upon the phone.

The small image of Vicky upon his screen flashed a predatory smile as she nodded quickly "aye captain I'll get right on it" yells were heard from the back round as Vicky started barking out orders. McClain just shook his head with a smile as he switched the connection off then withdrew the large head set as he folded it back up into a tiny one piece chunk of metal and placed it in his pocket. He then looked out to the clear space in the front viewport as his weathered ice blue eyes almost smiled.

The Snowy Eagle finally got far enough away from it's antagonists to make a clear jump to warp space as the navigator entered the course that would take them back to the home base of the snowy Eagle. Four small cone like projectors popped out of concealment all facing forwards as they charged energy it looked to be a greenish color as it coiled up from the base till it got to the point of the cone. Then the four cones shot out towards the space before the Snowy Eagle as a greenish wavy square to the warp gate started to stabilize and open up for the Eagle. The gunners followed Vicky's barrage order and poured green energy upon the enemy capital ships that had dared to follow the green blasts slowly drove the Federation ships back into the fray with alliance war vessels. Aqua energy from the Alliance started to pour onto the Federation only to be returned by yellow energy poured back onto weakened Alliance vessels. Ships were going critical all over the place as fires broke out upon decks as the ship started to burn uncontrollably, others had ion bolts crawling all around it as the main power core readied to explode. The space near dying ships started to thicken with fleeing escape pods and shuttles. Finally the Snowy Eagle lunged forth through the warp gate and into a large greenish tunnel that seemed to be always changing colors of green from light to dark and other odd colors.

Ryan slammed a large neo gloved fist down upon the control board of his Dagger-wing as a message flashed upon his fighter's main screen "what the hell is this bullshit!" he screamed. As his dark green eyes stared down at the board as if he was about ready to rip it out of it's holdings and literally rip it to shreds. He then slammed the hatch release to the fighter's canopy slowly raised up as he jumped out right to the ground not even bothering with the ladder his mood was not the best as he was fuming. If he had been any more pissed off smoke would be coming out of his ears as he muttered curses under his breath then slowly taking off his large fighter's helmet. "Shit! What was control thinking getting me all excited for battle then standing down" he screamed as the ground crew around Ryan's fighter stepped back from where they were sitting or working not wanting to be in the middle of Ryan's warpath.

Kay came up to Ryan a few minutes later much to the relief of the ground crew anywhere near Ryan as he broke into a grin seeing how pissed off Ryan was. "Hey calm down it was just a stand by signal nothing more nothing less will you just get over it." Ryan nodded stiffly to Kay though he still seemed to be fuming over the whole thing his two large hands clutched into fists "Umph they shouldn't have ready or stand by signals just a scramble one." He said in a low and slightly unpleasant tone. Kay broke out into a deep belly laugh as he slammed one of his huge hands upon Ryan's shoulder as he broke into tears he was laughing so hard. "Ok come on Ice you're scaring the ground crew I'll get you a drink maybe that'll calm you down eh?" he finally took control of his laughing "I'll do some lady watching and you can watch my charm go to work." Again Kay burst out into belly laughs he seemed to be a rather jolly guy that could probably be a Santa clause in a department store as he led Ryan down the hall towards the pilots bar a deck or so up. Ryan smirked slightly as he cooled off quickly as he always did "oh really. Well o'charmer of ladies how many dates have you been on in the past month?" he said as he broke into a wide grin as they stepped into the pilot's bar filled with pilots most still in their yellow jump suits.

Kay's face went slightly pale from the question that was asked as he immediately came up with a good excuse "well I umm just haven't gotten around to asking a lady out lately Ryan that's all. I'll have a girlfriend by the end of the night Ryan you'll see" he finally finished. Ryan just rolled his eyes a little bit at Kay's comment as they each took a seat in a large booth that could hold eight pilots or so as they both slouched lazily waiting for a waiter. Kay ordered a greenish looking drink for the both of them since he was buying Ryan had no choice in the matter as they both raised their drinks to each other. "To our wives we'll never meet, war that never ends, and dead brain cells long gone from drinks like this!" Kay exclaimed. Kay broke into a grin as his baby blue eyes followed two beautiful looking ladies that had just walked into the bar area. Ryan just shook his head a little as he took a small sip of the greenish liquid that tasted sort of like Kool-Aid mixed with beer and surprisingly not half bad "go on Kay go attempt to get on their good side. Just remember I'm staying out of this don't come crawling to me when they shoot you and beat you up." He said with a slight smirk. Kay nodded to Ryan with a rueful grin upon his lips as he slipped out of his seat and moved towards the ladies. The last thing that Ryan heard was a "hello ladies" followed by a loud thud of a fist meeting a face as he just shook his head as his dark green eyes moving down to the empty glass of green liquid.

"Captain we are in the warp tunnel no major damage and headed for home base on Sluris, we disabled a few of their fed warships." The navigator called up to the Captain and second in command Thrice. McClain nodded to the navigator as he activated the small mic on his chest that connected with the ship's sound system "good work people the whole crew of the Snowy Eagle will take a two week vacation. You can go visit family and friends, and conceal those gun turrets please" he said with a large grin as he switched off the mic. A series of happy and rather loud "ayes captain" went across the bridge area from the Captain's announcement.

The large turbo cannons upon the Snowy Eagle slowly slid or lowered themselves back into concealment under heavy armor as the ship traveled through the bluish tunnel of light. A large thud went throughout the ship as the doors to the fighter and shuttle bays slowly closed with a resounding thud and the magnetic fields went back into safety mode with a slight sparking sound. Once again the Snowy Eagle looked like a large sleek bird of prey ready to engulf any and all enemy the nose of the Snowy Eagle looked like a hook though at the very end of the hooked beak one of the many sensor packs is stored.

A young tech turned from his seat to look up at the Captain of the ship and called from the large crewpit "Sir all outer hatches are now closed, Snowy Eagle is now in flight mode. We're getting the highest speed possible and ready to fight at any minute" he said in a calm voice. Captain McClain nodded as he walked back towards Thrice and his command seat at the bridge and peak point of the crewpit so he could look down upon everyone else. "Good work people hopefully we won't have to go through anything like that again anytime soon anyway" he said in his normal calm and controlled voice. He usually possesses even in the heat of battle as he took his seat in the large command chair his eyes moving to look upon the main viewport.

Thrice was the first to ask the question on all the bridge crew's mind "Why'd we pull out without dropping the off the material to the alliance or at least dumping it for them to pick up Cap?" he said in a cautious voice. Mostly since he didn't want to get the bridge crew as a whole in trouble for his question. McClain turned on the loud speaker's to the whole crewpit so all could hear "well my boy they transferred all the money they owed us for the cargo and war pay as well and then. They expected us to hammer our way through the fed war ships that were just about everywhere and then dock and let them unload the cargo" he said with a slight grin.

Ryan looked up from his empty glass as he heard a sickening thud of a hard fist meeting the soft stomach flesh followed by a hard thud of an uppercut connecting. He blinked a little wondering what was happening as he was then answered by Kay falling back into the table groaning a little in pain as he hit the table top though sorta leaning against it. Kay had a black eye it seemed and bruises all over his face even for his size someone had enough power to take him out as Ryan wondered what Kay had gotten himself into this time.

Kay slowly stood up one of his hands over his stomach though it didn't help his tough guy appearance any he looked like he had been through a blender and maybe something else as well. His whole body was bruised or at least anything visible he almost looked like the living dead. Ryan looked up in time to see a cute short black haired lady along with a tall lady that seemed about ready to come in for the kill she looked like some kind of amazon warrior both her hands were balled into fists. She gave Ryan a curt nod as she walked slowly for Kay to finish him off or at least knock him senseless enough to be put into the medical ward which ever would come first.

The tall lady was only to be stopped by the short lady as she seemed to want to talk to Ryan and his friend as her violet eyes moved over to Ryan slowly giving him a warm smile though it seemed almost evil or maybe cruel intentions were behind it. Ryan managed to give Kay a slight grin as he used a low enough voice so Kay could hear though the girls that were just a little farther away couldn't "umm I see how well your charm works now. Kay they just flock to you they want you so badly" he said as he snickered a little bit though feeling bad for Kay since he had gotten beat up so badly as he slid into the booth further so the other two could take a seat.

The smaller one took a seat next to Ryan with a cat like grace suggesting a life as covert ops or maybe an assassin since they had to be totally silent. She could even have been a spy but the Snowy Eagle didn't use spies so that was out most likely an assassin or covert ops. The other taller lady probably taller then Ryan by an inch or so just picked Kay up with her right arm like he was a rag doll a little girl would play with or throw around when she was mad and more or less just chucked him into the booth. As a thud sounded Kay slid down so his head was just above the table as he blinked now he was dizzy as well probably not good but Ryan was going to get in the way of this lady.

Ryan wondered if Kay was going to survive the night with that lady around as he offered his large hand to the smaller lady sitting next to him giving her a nervous smile as he did "hello there Miss. I am Ryan also known as Ice, fighter pilot and warrior" he said to the lady. The lady took his large hand in a gentle handshake as she smiled back to him warmly. Though the smile almost looked like one a predator that had caught it's prey within it's sights "hello there Ryan I'm known as Kimmy and others know me as the Black cat" she said with a smooth and whispery voice. Kay then cut into any other conversation that would have been made "hey there who's drinking Mara and I are how about you two hmmm? All on me come on order something guys" he said in an almost pleading tone as he nodded over to Mara a little.

Ryan sighed a little as he gave into Kay's insistent whining seeing Kay really wanted to talk to this Mara girl even though she had almost beaten him half to death. "I'll take an apple cider I think Kay" she said in a low toned voice. Kimmy smiled up to Ryan almost adoringly as she resisted the urge to withdraw her assassin's dagger and cut Ryan's throat while she had the chance "blue wine please" in an almost shy tone that drove most men crazy. After a few rounds of drinks and half the night away they all decided it was about time for bed though only Kimmy knew blue wine contained no beer of any sort at all or so she thought. Kimmy looked up to Ryan as Mara and Kay walked off towards the exit of the bar hall both supporting each other with their arms as they staggered back and forth together down the hall finally out of sight probably for Kay's place since it was so close. Kimmy finally decided to ask this question though she had no intention of letting him live till the morning of course like all her targets she would be invited back to their room. Then if she must she would sleep with them if they were to hyper and after they had fallen into a nice little sleep slash went her knife across their throat and then she left no one being the wiser. "Ryan my cabin is all the way across the ship can I just crash in your place tonight?" she said in a slightly hopeful and seductive voice. Though it was a lie that her cabin was across the ship it was actually stationed very close to Ryan's cabin mostly by sheer luck then her planning.

Ryan nodded a little figuring she was a little drunk from the blue wine he wasn't even drunk at all being all he had was cider as he got out of the booth slowly before gently picking her up into his large arms. He gently rested her head up against his chest and sort of held her in a protective gesture as a warning to those that would attack for any reason. He then took off slowly for his room very close to Kay's room and the bar as he walked rather slowly making sure not to bump into anything or anybody on the way back to the cabin he had been assigned. Kimmy smiled warmly for a moment very happy and content within Ryan's arms for some reason as she quickly shook it off reminding herself that he was to be eliminated at all costs just like in all her targets. She was actually scared that she felt so protected and safe within Ryan's arms as she started to drift back to him she shook off the thought of a family wondering how she had let herself become so weak. This man needed to be eliminated not protected by this man he probably didn't like children anyway with her luck he probably hated them all now thinking that he hated children or at least assuming so it gave her something to hate about him.

Ryan slowly walked into his room slowly and then locked it before slowly moving over to his bed seeing she was totally zoned out thinking about something he smiled down to her warmly she looked rather beautiful as he gently set her down on the bed. He then gently pulled the covers up to her chin with on of his large hands before pulling the quilt up about half way so she wouldn't be too cold or too hot. He leaned over and gently kissed her on the cheeks before standing back up to his full height. He then left Kimmy to fall asleep in his large bed dreaming of Ryan and how she would take care of him presay for hating kids. The whole time her hand absent mindly resting upon the dagger as she imagined her knife going through the child hater's throat like a hot knife through butter.

Ryan decided that the couch would probably be the best choice as he took a seat on it and turning on the holo board to watch a sports game or something of the sorts. He took up the small palm size controller and then boredly started to flip through the channels that the ship itself received and about Ryan was out like a light on the couch as he had finally came to a channel with cartoons from long past. Fallen asleep watching them the mulitcolors had slowly lulled him to sleep and now the only thing illuminating the room was now the holo network.

This would be the perfect time Kimmy would have stricken upon her sleeping victim though the problem being she was out as well. A small bang came upon the door about six or so in the morning followed by a whoosh of air as the door to the room opened up and since the corridor lights were still dim a long shadow came into the room and going out over Ryan's face. Ryan woke up in a silent scream as a small hand covered his mouth followed by a giggle of as small child. Then all went silent as the door leading out of the room closed off.

Kimmy awoke around ten or so perfectly fine noting her hand was wrapped around the dagger she carried so tightly her fingers had gone pale as she didn't even recognize where she was. In another minute she finally figured out where she was and still at Ryan's for some reason though not seeing Ryan any whereat all. She then proceeded to get out of the bed throwing the covers astrew not bothering to refold them as she noticed she was wearing the same outfit as she had last night noting nothing was out of place so she assumed she hadn't been undressed in her sleep. She smelled the alluring smell of eggs and pancakes in the kitchen as she blinked slightly wondering why the hell Ryan was making breakfast for her as she slowly and quietly walked towards the kitchen area. She was careful not to make a sound as she peered out a little to see Ryan cooking things on the frying pan and a little girl on one of the barstool like seats with pink hair and resembled her rather well as she muttered something.

Ryan smiled to the little girl looking a lot like Kimmy as he cooked up a pair of eggs for the hungry little girl. She had just finished off the last three "so you're Kimmy's little girl eh?" he said in a kind and caring tone as he usually did around kids. The little girl nodded a little as he dumped the two eggs onto her plate a wide smile coming to her face she didn't usually get much home cooked breakfast "umm thanks Mr.Ryan sir! This is really good, yes I'm Kimmy's daughter Jade" she smiled up to him warmly as she then dug into the food that had been set infront of her. Ryan just smiled warmly as he leaned back against a kitchen cabinet watching the little girl as she ate and looked about the room studying the room carefully.

Kimmy then walked into the room as she eyed her little daughter with one of her violet colored eyes and the other seemed to be looking at Ryan "Jade how did you get in here any way let alone find out where I was ?" she said in a slightly moody tone. She slowly walked over to the bar table area and took a seat next to her child sort of protectively as she now looked over to Ryan letting a warm smile through for a second seeing he did care for kids though she silently cursed herself. Now she had to figure out a new reason to hate Ryan and kill him with her expertise in people magically dying as she told her little daughter when she asked what her job was. Jade smiled up to her mommy "I just hacked into the ship's systems then found out where you and Ryan were using the ship's holo security cams then I came over and hacked into the room's password protected door and I was in!" she declared rather happily.

She then looked up to Ryan smiling warmly and then over to her mother again with her light blue-violet eyes an odd combination it was. "Mommy is Ryan going to be my new daddy he's really nice you said you'd marry some guy that was real nice!" she seemed to plead with her mom she obviously already knew Ryan was one of Kimmy's friends that she made disappear to never be seen again. Kimmy just sorta smiled helplessly up to Ryan wondering why she was being so nice to him herself since he was going to be dead soon if things worked out the way they should "well now dear Ryan and me are just friends. Right now maybe later ok?" she said in a thoughtful tone. More like another lifetime she thought to herself silently as she draped a small arm over her daughter protectively and looking up to Ryan defiantly as if daring him to talk.

Ryan smiled to Jade warmly as he pushed himself off of the cabinets he had been leaning on and slowly moving over to the counter top and placing his large hands on top of the counter. A few inches away from Kimmy and Jade "well Jade just because she stayed over doesn't mean we love each other presay thought your mom is a very beautiful lady. I wouldn't want to rush anything umm so maybe in a year or so when we get to know each other a little better eh?" he said in a gentle and calming tone. He then looked over to Kimmy giving her a small smile hoping he hadn't intruded on any motherly ways of any sort as he leaned down upon the counter letting his elbows touch down upon the counter top.

Jade pointed at his elbows on the table and almost screamed "Ryan!!! Mommy says no elbows on the counter top take them off before you get grounded by mommy" she said in a slightly frightened tone that Ryan would do such a thing. Though Jade understood adults all didn't have the same morals and ways especially with table manners it seemed to her. She was a fairly intelligent young girl raised by her mother who was an assassin who wouldn't be though she was better then her mother with computers and other hi tech gadgets.

Kimmy just smiled warmly down to her daughter as she said in a soft and reassuring tone that she only used for her daughter and maybe someday the one that would take her heart too bad Ryan was the target of her assassination. If he wasn't she may consider him as a potential father and husband but her pledge to the federation kept her from not killing him. "Now honey not everyone has my table manners it's ok that he has his elbows on the counter no harm will come from it" she said soothingly.

Ryan by this time had already moved his elbows off of the counter as he smiled down to the two warmly: "well now Kimmy you want anything to eat or to drink as well Jade's already had her breakfast" he said in a warmish tone. Kimmy smiled graciously as she nodded a little too him "that'd be nice Ryan umm if could just get some bacon and eggs I'll be fine thank you" she gave him a sweet smile as her violet eyes moved down to Jade slowly. "Alright then Kimmy" he said as he moved back over to the stove and then took a few eggs and a few strips of bacon before cracking the eggs over the eggs and more or less chucking them in. The bacon soon followed as he expertly kept them apart from each other. He then dumped them onto the plate he had selected for her the rim circled with little hearts and then he fixed the bacon and the eggs into a big smiley face.

After a few minutes he slowly set the plate with the happy face bacon and eggs in front of Kimmy with a warm smile. Kimmy looked up to Ryan with a warm smile and then looking back down to the eggs raising an eyebrow "it's in a..smiley face.." she said in a sort of unpleasantly surprised tone. Jade took a different point of view as she pointed at it as if she were the first to spot the happy face made of eggs "look Mommy! It's an egg head!" she said excitedly as she started to jump up and down on the chair.