Snowy Eagle Part 10

"Oh Ryan now I remember why I want to kill you." She said trying to look cross and angry with him her violet eyes betraying her with that affectionate look of hers. "You'll see one of these days I'll get you I can promise you." she trailed off not really willing to finish off her threat. Her eyes dropped downwards towards the bed sheets as if ashamed at the thought of killing Ryan, she had no right to threaten him like this, he was the first man to treat her as more then some Feddie assassin out to kill him. He treated her like a Lady and made her feel good and reassured her to the point it was almost ridiculous, tears started to form at those beautiful violet hues as she became ashamed of her actions the past few times they had been in company together. He always tried to help her and all she ever did was try to kill him off, now she was just feeling like shit or worse as a choked sob came forth from her throat. "Ryan. I'm really sorry I shouldn't be treating you like this you don't deserve any of what I've done to you. Why didn't you kill me like you should have but you're letting me live and you're not even mad at me for trying to kill you at the base and now I'm here saying I'll still kill you. Oh Ryan I don't know what I've been doing." Among her crying and ranting she clung to Ryan and buried her face into his chest weeping uncontrollably. Kimmy had lost whatever directional compass she had been depending on and now she needed support from what her actions suggested anyway. "Hey now Kimmy. it was all the past. this is now just calm down. I don't blame you for any of it." Ryan said in a soothing tone as his large arms encompassed her in a tight hug and held her close to himself as she continued to cry into his chest. Releasing all of that pent up emotion that she had been built up over the past years of her service all that hatred, killing, and love. Her cheeks scrunched up as she tried to close her eyes to keep the tears from running though it was rather useless, finally she gave up and looked up to him with her blurry eyes. Taking in his handsome face with a soft chin, medium sized nose and evenly spaced dark eyes. And of course his hair was perfect for her desires slightly shaggy even for the military almost down to shoulder length from his laziness to get it cut and just barely above his eyes in the front. Her voice came out almost sobbing and choked up, clinging to him tightly with her smaller hands. "Ryan will you ever leave me." She trailed off near the end. Looking up to him in a combination of fear and hope. she wasn't really sure what she wanted him to say, it would be so easy to accuse him of being a stubborn fool if he said no and so easy to hate him. Yet if he said yes she found herself all to willing to let herself go and love him with all her heart. she waited silently for his answer. He just lied upon the bed for a good two minutes, almost shocked with the question itself, it was innocent enough really it could mean any of a number of things. From never leave her in combat to never leaving her side for any other lady within the Universe or beyond that point. He almost felt like he was betraying her. but it wasn't like he was committed to just Kimmy or anything no matter how much she was in love with him, he wasn't necessarily in love with her though he had hinted upon the subject. "I'm not sure at this point.Kimmy I wouldn't want to say the wrong thing to you.I just got back from a mission and everything. And well I'm not really sure what my feelings are for you right now." He finished off his dark eyes off wandering the cabin of his room as if he had seen it for the first time, taking note of the metal chair and how it was propped up against the wall. Of course the lines in the walls and how even they were among other little things. "I see.well.I would like you to make up your mind soon. I may lo- like you but those feelings leave one if you're left hanging out for too long with no response." Responding to him almost too quiet to be heard. Ryan's voice coming back calm and controlled. "Yes but if your feelings do leave like that it is not truly love rather lust for each would prove we truly weren't in love if you felt it would happen." Kimmy nodded slightly with a sigh, she would accept at the current moment Ryan was right. even if she did love him, she couldn't go against his will since it took two people to be in love and she would never want love one sided. She slowly rested her head on the pillow of the bed as she just looked up at him and watched him silently wanting him to say something to her even if it was more annoying logic. Thrice slowly looked about the bridge his cruel eyes moving across the crew and all the data ports that were all online and running, despite the normal lights within the bridge area the lights of the computers and terminals gave the huge room an eerie glow. He was slightly angered by the fact that when he had been placed in command while McClain had left them that he was pressured to consult the head of the war department. Vicky.he was really starting to hate that woman. not only did she have a position which rivaled his own but she was in league with McClain. Supporting him in almost every way she could, for all he knew they were married and just hid the fact to everyone else and that thought he did not like. Even though it wouldn't be like McClain to do something like that. Carefully he situated himself within his set so his back was straight and his eyes looking down upon the crew pit filled with men and women working like bees in a hive. He felt very superior in this position over looking everyone.everyone but McClain that was. He glanced upwards towards McClain's command seat placed high above his own at this point, well he needed to speak with McClain over what the Eagle's next move would be. They hadn't shipped out supplies or anything in who knows how long. they were more mercenaries now then anything else. Only the War Hawk was still acting as a trading vessel. all the other ships were at war status the larger freights and smaller ones converted to gunships and blast boats. Once McClain died though the organization of his would change he would be the one calling the shots since he was in control of the symbol of the Merchant and Mercenary business. Thrice tapped a button upon his control board of the command chair as the lift like arm it was attached to silently elevated him till his command chair was just barely as high up as McClain's was. "Captain. I'd like to know where we are going next. As Second in command it is my duty to know everything you know and I am well within my rights as you should know." His voice could not hide the venom ever behind it as he spoke as calmly and coolly as he could trying to maintain control over the conversation to begin with. His fingers rapped against the control console impatiently as McClain took his good old time to answer the request. He took no effort to hide how much he relaxed within the plush white furnishings of the high backed chair, it was the only thing that kept his old back from giving out as he described to Vicky. With a slight sigh from the sound of Thrice's annoying voice he glanced down to the Second command with serene wisdom that demanded respect and annoyed Thrice when he was given this type of stare. "Thrice to begin with you really have no right what so ever in telling me what I can and cannot tell you. As the Captain I rule this ship. it's a Dictatorship not a democracy upon the Eagle and all other ships I know of. Though if you certainly must know where we are heading.we're going to visit the world that our Alien friends hold." Thrice literally exploded in something between fear and angry, as usual when something like this came upon him with no warning. "You must be joking Captain! There is no way we can go there even if the Eagle is one of the strongest ships between the Feddies and Alliance or any of human kind has ever made! They'll ambush and destroy us we'll all die you old fool you're sending us to our deaths!" McClain just smiled at Thrice's reaction, how predictable he had become and because of it. Annoying Thrice had become one of his favorite past times, the small man really needed to learn to control his anger and rage. He enjoyed his reply to Thrice's outburst. "Why yes, and the damaged Black Osprey is being hauled there via our alien friends and while we take shore leave both the Eagle and Osprey's crews. Our alien allies as a sign of gratitude for our Alliance pact will be repairing the Osprey and refitting both the Eagle and Osprey with high-powered weapons that will provide twice the firing rate. And three times as much power usage or something like that.I'll have to read over their statement of what they're going to do. But we should be there within a few hours give or take." " Captain this is pure insanity! You're not only going to their world and letting them aboard our ships but you're letting them into our main computer systems and letting them replace our weaponry. They'll steal both the Eagle and the Osprey then use our own fighters and bombers to kill us and anything we take down to the ground. It's a conspiracy I tell you McClain they're not our friends." McClain just shook his head trying not to grin at how stupid Thrice could be or untrusting for that matter. "Alright then Thrice. we'll keep a rotating skeleton crew aboard both ships and since you are so willing to put people in this position you'll be among the first part of the skeleton crew to insure this ship's security." McClain had to suppress a huge grin threatening to over come that regal look of his as Thrice's face fell at this command. "Sir i didn't mean the command crew we would be insufficient for guarding a battle ship I was thinking more of techs and guards." He replied feebly to the captain attempting to get himself out of guard duty and of course anyone else stuck with the job would blame it on Thrice. Since the captain would make no effort what so ever to hide the fact it had been Thrice's idea to do so a thing. "Nonsense Trice who knows the ship's systems better then a commanding officer anyway while you're up here you can always write those letters to the shipping facilities that we were unable to make runs to apologizing for the inconvenience while you're up here. I'm sure the others would be more then happy to guard the lounge while you do the deskwork." Thrice's face tightened up to the point he could barely see from his eyes, this would not win him support he needed for an overthrow of command structure. If there was one he would not end up any where closer to his goal if this happened. "Please Captain I was just joking really we need not put a guard up upon the Eagle or the Osprey I'm sure they will be fine." McClain pressed a button upon the board of the control chair, and at once the lift slowly moved him upwards and away from Thrice exceeding Thrice's command chair and the maximum height it could obtain. His voice came down in a commanding tone as he brought his attention to a small vid link to the war center. "Thrice my decision has been made now go make yourself useful instead of arguing over some point you aren't going to win." Thrice muttered in annoyance "Of course your Royal Highness. your wish is my command as always" his hand went to the console before him and pressed in a command. Slowly the lift slowly retracted the chair back away from the crew pit and slowly lowered it down upon the primary command deck. He would bide his time for now but soon McClain would no longer breath and he would be in control of this glorious ship. Legends would be woven about him as the invincible Captain of the Snowy Eagle, everyone would know him as Grand Thrice. And McClain would be known as the fool predecessor to Thrice. It would be a great day when he took control indeed. He was so indulged in his fantasy of grander and fame he barely noted the fact his command chair had hunkered itself down upon the resting pod. "Hmm oh well very good." He muttered to himself as he unlocked the mechanism that held the console in front of him and in place, then he pushed it off to the side with no effort at all as it swung away and to the side of the pod or egg like command chair. With as much dignity he could muster he hopped down from the command chair and down on to the deck below. With the look of some overly important official he straightened out his snow-white uniform before moving off into the turbo lift shoots. McClain took one more careful glance to make sure he had left the area before he turned back to the small vid link upon his console. "Sorry Vicky. just had to make sure he was gone. he's been acting like a little Admiral ever since I was abducted by aliens." He sighed in relief as he finally sunk back into his chair at last he was at peace or as much as he was going to get. A small smile came through from Vicky's 3-d image floating in front of him only showing her head. "Don't worry about it, he's been acting like this since he was brought onboard you were just too busy to notice it until now." "Not funny Vicky. well as punishment I've put him on guard duty while we're all ground side." A smug grin came to his face just imagining the little twit of a second in command up here doing paper work. "Hmm well you have fun with your little games McClain but I have to get back to my work. Since unlike some people we actually have jobs upon the ship." The image of Vicky vanished with a grin upon her fact and was replaced with a black screen with green letters reading "Please enter connection code and ship section you wish to link to." One of his large hands flipped the vid comm off as he straightened up a bit. Eyes wandering off to the primary viewport of the bridge looking out into the green tunnel they moved through so swiftly, they kept to the middle so they wouldn't hit the sides and be sucked off into who knows where. Many were the tale of ships that went through warp space and never came back, or when a convoy went through and one of the ships engines failed and it was pulled into the tunnel's side by a gravity of some sort. And sparked as it disappeared to who knows where and the rumors were ever mutating. His mind of thought was jostled as he came out of his little daze. "Entering real space in three, two, one." When the count down reached one a jerking movement went through the ship as all of a sudden a green cube appeared through them and as if leaving a membrane of some sort they pushed out until they came into real space. All the space that had been green was now filled with the distant outline of stars and in the viewport a planet and a moon filled the screen. Around the moon a huge collection of space docks were linked with some large frigates moored for repairs and others held large ships being built. Others were being overhauled and yet others were docked for trade. A whistle of amazement from one or more of the crew moved through the crew pit as most had their eyes glued to the viewport. And within one of the larger moorings sat the Black Osprey almost invisible if not for the fact sparks were coming forth from different sections and the bridge's lights were running on full. On the outer part of the moorings huge plasma cannons of some sort remained silent but watchful. One on each side and in other various places seeming to have no order what so ever. The ship yard's paint job seemed normal to say the most, all the moorings and defense cannons along with anything else were all colored steel grey or may not have even been painted but left original colors. The only other thing that seemed odd of the yard was that almost everything seemed to be organic or alive to a certain extent. A voice crackled through the holo vid as it established a connection before the upper shoulders and then the face of a almost normal looking man came up. Though he was in some type of armor plating colored yellow, those that had boarded the gunship knew he was of lower rank. Since the darker the color the higher up you were or something like that was what they guessed. "This is Control to Snowy Eagle you will be at dock two o' five. You are here for weapons refitting, shield upgrades and the same for any fighters and other weaponry. Please move to the docking area now." The face and image disappeared almost instantly as blinking lights appeared within one of the moorings. The lights started blinking brightly at the end to give them a guess at how far apart they needed to be as they entered and then sped back towards the ring like structure that linked all moorings together. "Bring her into the dock." McClain said calmly as his eyes stared in wonderment at the size of this shipyard, few could even rival such an array of assets for the needs of large war ships. Slowly the Eagle came into dock with the moorings and a slight thud resounded through out the ship as the cuffs locked down the ship holding it in place. A large snake like tube slowly extended from the ring like structure and locked itself with the primary exiting door of the Eagle. A calm female voice came across the speakers just about the time the lock down was confirmed by the crew itself. "Lock down complete. Please exit in an orderly fashion and make your way to the shuttle bay. There you may depart for the plains world of Telphodia." McClain turned on the loud spear so all across the ship could hear him. "Alright people you have off until the Eagle and the Osprey are fully repaired, open all hanger bay doors the alien techs will need an easy way to get to our fighters. If anyone wishes they may take a shuttle down to the planet, though first come first serve or else you'll have to go down with the rest of us. McClain out." Ryan busied himself packing everything up into bags that he would need ground side, plasma rifle and plasma pistol included. Even if McClain trusted the aliens enough to tinker around with the ship and her fighters, he didn't trust them one bit, someone would have to pay him to go down to that planet unarmed and then some. With little to no effort he lifted the two large duffel bags up and off the bed, his back pack securely upon his back with the snap together tent. Among other out doors items upon the back pack it seemed he was ready for an outdoors experience rather then a vacation to a planet littered with beautiful oceans. And plains along with every thing a pilot loved a casino or two in every hotel around the visitor's area. Just as he was readying for the trip down to the shuttle bay the sound of his door opening was accompanied by the noise of people moving in masses. Then just as quickly as the noise invaded his relatively soundless quarters it disappeared again with a whoosh of the door closing down again. Chances that it was anyone other then Kimmy and Jade were slim since he figured they would come to his apartment rather then meet him at the shuttle that Kay had reserved for the flight down. Slowly he stepped out from his room both his bags in hand and backpack upon his back of course, he was wearing dark almost commando type pants and shirt. His dark eyes scanned over the two standing the lounge area, Jade dressed in a pretty outfit and a backpack upon her back a jet- black color. Along with the odd color for a child's bag inside instead of toys were mostly odds and ends off of broken equipment along with a dataputer. A small computer that ranged anywhere from lap size to the size of one's palm. Jade was the first to speak "Well I'm all ready to go, can we come with you Ryan. Kimmy forgot to reserve a shuttle and she doesn't want to give the aliens any information on her." Kimmy just stood by blushing a bit not bothering to correct her daughter in manners of speaking or anything else she did that was considered to be improper in the Federation court presay. And this left Jade free to continue as she spoke of multiple things she would do while on the planet, like hacking into the governments computer system to see how it would work and giving them second Ids on the planet. Ryan simply nodded a little bit to Jade not really paying all that much attention as he led a talking Jade and dazed Kimmy out into the heavy volume of people moving through the hall. Like a collective hive mind of insects they headed either for the min access tunnel into the alien ship yard so they could take the shuttle down. OR like Kimmy, Ryan and Jade headed off towards the many hanger bays within the ship be they the officer's bay or the star fighter hanger bay it mattered not. Even the XO officer's were renting out their personal shuttles to younger officers for overly high prices. By the time they got down there everything seemed ready, the shuttle was all closed up the larger items they brought had been loaded up by labor droids long ago. The landing gear was still down and the four maneuvering wings each with a set of micro propulsion jets upon them for tricky maneuvering in space or the atmosphere. All were upwards pointing towards the bay's ceiling and locked into position, the main access hatch was lowered from the middle. Luckily for them the landing struts kept it high enough off the ground only the tallest of people even had to think of bending over. A slight shiver went through Ryan as he stepped out into the cold atmosphere of the bay. though a magnetic field held atmosphere in so one could still breath it did nothing to make one feel warm and welcome. Ryan just gave Kay a crazy look that Kay didn't even seem to notice as he walked down the ramp up into the shuttle already wearing a swim suit and an almost painfully bright shirt in, sunglasses resting upon his forehead. He waved them over as Ryan caught a side comment from Jade obviously directed towards Kay's clothing choice. "Hey you guys welcome to the Ariel Dive I will be your captain for the duration of the flight. Our in flight movie is you talking to each other and looking out into space. Please put your bags in the overhead racks and belt in once I start the take off process. And if you need any help with anything." He jerked a thumb over to Ryan with a large grin upon his face. "Our bell boy and co-pilot and weapons commander will be happy to help you." A giggle erupted forth from Kimmy and Jade though soon they fell back to quiet snickers as their hands went to their mouths. Quickly they made their way past Ryan and up into the shuttle, Kimmy blushing a bright red, Jade with a happy smile on her face. "Very funny, Kay, remind me not to save you in our next fighter engagement." Ryan responded curtly, though an amused smile played across his face despite his unhappy voice. "Oh will do Ryan old boy, will do." Kay called after him as he followed the remaining few people he had taken aboard up the ramp. By the time Kay closed the main hatch, everyone else was fully seated. Kimmy and Jade near the cockpit for obvious reasons, other people he didn't know very well spread out across the rest of the shuttle. The seats of course were placed close together with a generous amount of room to place things in front of one's self. Since it was a troop carrying ship a good part of the time it only made sense. A merely waved a little bit to the people within the shuttle he knew nothing about and made his way into the cockpit area. Nice and roomy since it was shaped like a bubble attached to the shuttle, designed to be an emergency escape pod for the crew of the shuttle. And of course anyone else that could make it into the cockpit in time. As soon as he was into the cockpit he closed the door, sealing himself and his crew inside the cockpit and keeping everyone else out in a sense. Unluckily for Kay, it seemed they had taken up a Secondary Weapons officer. Ryan sat in the cockpit's co-pilot seat just grinning to himself as he started up the shuttle, leaving poor Kay to deal with Gem. She sat in the third seat of the cockpit, her weapons array online. If need be which would be slim to none in an allied area, the quad missile tubes holding powerful yet light Avenger missiles along with the turret Ion cannon. Which given the opportunity of a downed shield, could short out or destroy most electronics upon the ship. Kay merely gave her a small nervous smile as he plopped down in his seat right next to Ryan.