By:Andrew Troy Keller

There are some times when I feel perfectly calm,relaxed,and sane.
But then,there were other times when my ship's crew,including myself,had been overcome by a bout of space madness.
On the day the whole thing had started,we were aboard a United Earth starship,which was,at least,32 days outward bound.
We've had recieved a message from United Earth Star Command,ordering us to stand by for futher messages,which had meant,to all of us,that we were soon on our way home.
All we've had to do was wait,which however was not going to be easy,for two weeks later,there was a scream,that had came from Watson's quarters.
As soon as we had entered the room,we were shocked to discover Watson on the floor,with only some rags covering her bruised naked body.
When I've asked Watson who had done that to her,she had looked at me,and with tears in her eyes,she answered,"Gaiman."
As soon as the ship's doctor had entered to examine Watson,I've gone off in search of Gaiman,because I've wanted to kill him for that.
I've found him,alright--Only he was in the engine room,and was about to jump right into the power core,for he had thought that it was the true form of God.
I've tried to stop him,but I was too late,for that poor idiot had jumped any way,and was reduced to ashes.
Upon the next few weeks,the rest of the crew had became infected with the madness--One by one,until I was the only sane one aboard the ship.
"Please,God!",I've prayed,while trying to keep the ship on course."Please say to us that it's time to go home!"
Suddenly,like my prayers were being answered,United Earth Star Command had contacted us,saying that it was finally time to go home,and that everything was going to be fine.
Yeah,right.Everything is now fine.Fine,do you hear me?Fine.Fine!FIIIINNNNEEEE!BWA-HA-HA-HAAAA!!