As different as they were, no one could tell them apart. Not even Chase and Jason. Even Scott and Amy, their parents, confused them on a daily basis. TC didn't even bother trying to differentiate one older sister from the other. He simply called them "CJalen" to their faces.

"Are you sure?" one asked the other.

The one sitting down nodded firmly. "Do it. You have to do it."

Scared out of her mind, nineteen-year-old Cheyne Julia, better known as CJ, closed her eyes and opened the scissors.

"Stop!" yelled her sister. "Open your eyes, then cut!" she screeched.

Cheyne offered a sheepish smile before looking down at her sister's long black locks. "Here I go," she whispered. Taking a deep breath, she began hacking her twin's hair straight across her shoulders. "Oh, Jace! I don't know about this!"

"Shut up and cut, CJ. I already told you: this has to be done!"

Nodding, she continued snipping away. After a moment, she bit her tongue in concentration and combed through her sister's hair. "It's straight, Jace," she told her minutes later after a few more snips and some more combing.

Jalen opened her eyes and was shocked. "I can't believe it," she whispered to herself, running her fingers through her hair. "How much did you cut?" she then asked.

With a quick gesture, holding her fingers apart, Cheyne said, "Ten inches, give or take."

"Oh God," Jalen said before she passed out, falling sideways out of her chair.

When she awoke, Jalen looked into the worried face of her sister. "CJ, do I look horrible?"

A huge grin appeared on Cheyne's face. "You look so hot, Jace. Go downstairs and show Mom."

"Come with me," Jalen ordered, not giving her sister room to argue as she stood to her feet, grabbed Cheyne's hand and bounded downstairs into the Malloy living room, where Trent, their little brother, didn't even bother looking up from his X Box.

They found Amy Malloy in the kitchen, stirring the soup she'd prepared for dinner. When the girls entered, she glanced over at them, then back at her soup. It took only a second for the change to register, and she quickly turned fully in their direction. "Cheyne Julia Malloy!" she bellowed, and in the next room Trent chuckled to himself.

Cheyne's mouth dropped open. "Mom, I'm Cheyne. That's Jalen Cleo Malloy!"

Her mother's green eyes, exactly like both her daughters', turned to glare at the oldest twin. "I know! What did you do to your sister?"

It was Jalen's turn to gawk at her mother. "I told her to, Mom! I asked her to!"

"Wait till your father gets home," Amy grumbled before turning around to tend to her soup.

The twins grinned at each other and happily skipped into the other room to pester their little brother.


Later that evening, Cheyne sat upstairs in her room, sitting at her desk. She pulled out a journal that she and Jalen shared, intending to write about the day's eventful hair styling session. Instead, she flipped back a few pages to read what she and Jalen had written when they had first started the journal four months before, only a few days after their birthday.

CJ Malloy here. I'm only nineteen, just finishing up my first year of college and life is good. For the most part. My family consists of Jace (you'll meet her later), TC (Trent Christian, but we haven't called him Trent ever), Scott and Amy (my parents) and Bryant, TC's cocker spaniel (he also has a turtle that he never named, but Jace and I call him Frog).

TC is sixteen, so if you live in Southern California, watch out; he just got a car. Dad is a photographer for a talent agency in LA. Mom is an art professor at USC. We don't actually live in LA, though, but about half an hour away from it.

I'm a criminal justice major at the moment, but I'll probably change that a million times before actually graduating (I'm a girl, entitled to changing my mind frequently, according to the Laws of the Sexes that I just made up). Jace is a psych major, and she's bound to change it because she's much more interested in theatre and film.

Contrary to what most people believe, having a twin is not the best thing since cream cheese. Jace makes everything ten times more dramatic than it really needs to be, and twenty times more interesting. She tends to stretch the truth, but on the bright side of that, she has a great imagination.

When we were little, we shared a room and we used to wait until the light went off in the hall. Then she would tell me spectacular stories about pirates and mermaids and cowboys. In junior high we moved to a bigger house and didn't have to share a room anymore, but from time to time we'll sneak into each other's rooms at night and she'll dazzle me with a new tale.

All that creativity is what makes her a really good actress. In high school she won the "drama queen" award for best actress and "most likely to become a star." I love watching her act, especially with her best friend Jason. On stage, they're amazing together. If you didn't know better, you'd think they were going out. But they're not; Jace has a boyfriend named Travis, who is my best friend's older brother.

Well, I guess that's all I have to tell for now. Anyway, Mom is calling me downstairs to help clean up dinner.

Cheyne laughed at the entry and flipped to the next page, where Jalen had added her own comments.

Aloha! Jace here. CJ asked me to finish up what she wrote. And I want to clarify some things, too--I'm dramatic because I have to be dramatic. If I wasn't dramatic, no one would pay any attention to me because they all think Ceej is more beautiful than I am. The other thing is, I don't stretch the truth. I improve it, tell people what they want to hear. That's all.

Well, since Ceej told all about me, I'll tell all about her. Though she doesn't know it, CJ is my inspiration. All those stories I tell, I couldn't tell if she wasn't there to listen.

Although sometimes boring, CJ happens to be very practical. I can't hold that against her, though. Some people are just that way. However, she has the funniest sense of humor, and always thinks up the best comebacks. Don't get me wrong, she's no stand up comedian, but she can be a barrel of laughs when she doesn't think about it too hard.

She's especially funny around Chase, her best friend. Together, all practicality falls away and they become quite mischievous. For example, a few weeks ago I was throwing a party. Nothing big, just a few friends from college. Chase got bored, as he tends to do easily, so he went looking for CJ, who was so bored that she had fallen asleep in her room. Well, after he woke her up, they sneaked out of the party...

"Come on, no one's looking," Chase whispered to CJ after peeking his head around the corner. The two of them filed out, and CJ silently grabbed her keys off the hallway table as she passed it.

Chase knew of this really crazy store about half a mile away, and the two of them climbed into Ceej's car and sped away.

When they came back, they were armed with motion activated sprinklers, a few fake frogs that jumped up when they heard noise and a lot of flour. Covering the pathway, driveway and the sidewalk in front of the house, they used it all. Then they set up the motion activated sprinklers in places where we couldn't see them. As a finishing touch, they placed the frogs on the front porch. Then they hid themselves away, patiently awaiting action.

My poor, unsuspecting friends and I decided to go for ice cream a little after ten that night. We walked out onto the porch, chatting about nothing. Suddenly, the frogs started jumping up and down. Three of the girls screamed and ran out into the pathway to escape the jumping frogs, managing to not only cover their feet in flour, but to set off the sprinklers as well. One of the sprinklers was aimed directly at the porch, and the seven of us still standing there were soaked. Unfortunately for us, the front door automatically locks, so we were forced to run, wet, through flour and more sprinklers to make it to our cars!

Cheyne and Chase laughed until they cried. Of course, neither one of them had thought about having to clean the mess up afterwards... They were busy until well after midnight. But they slept well!

Anyway, as all intros must eventually end, so this one must as well. But, never fear, we'll be back to share the adventures of CJ and Jace!

By the end of her sister's entry, Cheyne was laughing so hard her sides hurt. Wiping the tears from her eyes, she flipped to the end of the last entry and began a new one. Dating it, she began telling the story of cutting Jalen's hair.


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