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If there was ever a time to be horrified by ones self, it would have been then. Kali could not move her hands from her stomach in fear of any of her fellow angels from seeing the slight bulge that had begun to form. Five months of hiding it, and now Kali could no longer hide it from her love.


"I don't love you Namian," she whispered to the demon as she forced her eyes away from his. Her pale blond hair was matted to her head by the rain that had been refusing to cease for several days. Ever since she came here to protect the human girl from her abusive father, it had rained. Even as the darkness took the world, it would not end.

"Then you lied." The demon's tone was cold, as it always was. Even in the happiest of times, he could not bring his voice to express the joy in his heart. Happiness was not something a demon from Hell experienced much out of the torturing of the damned souls. Namian's ebony wings fluttered once before they laid back onto him, the water that had hung on the feathers spraying around him, giving him a halo that Kali knew was not real, but an illusion.


That night had been the worst thing that had ever happened to Kali. But she knew that it would be a simple memory in her mind once she revealed it to her partner. Worse things were to come, the angel could sense it deep inside her.


"I never said I loved you," Kali informed him, keeping her pale blue gaze on all but him. There was no guilt where she knew there should have been. She broke his heart, if he had one capable of breaking, or even loving in that matter. She knew not of demons. Her mate slaughtered them while she protected the innocent. Kali was not supposed to converse with demons, let alone spend her nights with one for over half a year.

"After all that we've done, do you honestly believe that such words were needed?" The demon's question caught her off guard, causing her head to snap upwards so that she was eye to eye with Namian's unforving flaring gaze. It was as if the fires of his home resided in his gaze, burning eternally. Kali could, if she looked deep enough, hear the screams of the damned souls.....


Jerking herself from the memory, Kali entered her home, knowing well that her mate would begin to wonder where she had been. There had not been much demon activity for the past half year, which disturbed the angel deeply. She did not know Namian's position in the demon army, and she feared that he was influencing....

"Kali, where have you been?" She froze in place, slowly lifting her gaze to meet her partner's. Gabriel....the very Gabriel from the Bible was hers, and she had betrayed him. Even if it was unintentional and completely out of her will, the betrayal had been commited. Luckily, she had gone to confession before she came home, knowing that only God and herself could feel the sin now.

She took a deep breath...


No matter how loud Kali screamed, she could not hear them. The pain seemed to blind her with each of Namian's thrusts into her. She was torn, the angelic blood in the air causing the demon to go wild with lust. He had lost control the moment he had her pinned to the ground, and he was unaware of her screams as he continued.

"Please stop!" Namian did not respond to her pleas, her screams. All he could sense was the lust building inside, the anger for her not wanting him, the pleasure that was building deep down inside.....

"I hate you!" He screamed as his thrusts began to get harsher, each one bringing a scream from the angel. "!" He felt himself release, and it was only then that he heard the screams from Kali. Sweat mixed with the rain that was still falling, and crimson blood mixed with the water on the cracked pavement.

Namian left her there, hating and loving her all at once. He had no idea that he....


"I'm with child."


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