Scene Three:

(A man is walking toward the pumpkin display)

Aerin: That isn't-

Petey: It can't be-

Tom: What is he doing here?

Petey: (fearful) Mom.what is Farmer Joe doing here?

Aerin: Shh-maybe he won't see us.

Mary: Son, there's something I've kept from you.

Tom: How many secrets can one freakin' person have???

Mary: Shut it, Tom.

Petey: Wh-what is it, Mom?

Mary: Y'know how your Dad was a rich criminal kingpin drug lord?

Petey: Yes..

Mary: I was his partner in crime.

All: Gasp!

Mary: And after your Dad's death, I kept ties with Farmer Joe.

Petey: No!

Mary: Yes. And son, you know we've been short on money lately..

Petey: What did you do, Mom?

Mary: I'm so sorry, honey. I.I sold you to Farmer Joe!


Mary: I was starving, Petey, I had to do something!

Aerin: You traitor!

Petey: -OOOOOOO-

Mary: I had no money!

Tom: You're lower than I thought you were!

Petey: -OOOOOO-

Mary: Look at the new lipgloss I bought with the blood money!

Aerin: Ooh, that's pretty!

Petey: -OOOOOO-

Mary: Petey, I know you're upset, but would you stop that now?

Petey: -OO! Mom, how could you?!?

(Farmer Joe picks up Petey, begins to walk away with him.)

Petey: Help me!

Mary: Bye, son! Love ya!

Petey: Help me! Noooo-

Aerin: Ooh, mascara too! I love Maybelline!

The End

Scenes from the next "All My Seeds"!

Tom: Aerin, you've always had a pale complexion and been funny shaped, but more and more you're looking yellow and funny shaped.

Aerin: Oh no! I must have run out of orange paint-

Tom: What??

Aerin: Oops.

Mary: What's the meaning of this?

Aerin: Oh, Tom, I didn't want to tell you-I thought you wouldn't want to go out any more.

Tom: Spill it, Aerin.

Aerin: I'm really a squash.

All: Gasp!