Hello all, this is my first original piece that I've posted, well besides my poetry, and I know it's rather short. Lately I've just randomly been writing short scenes that could be parts of longer stories, so I write them down. This in one of those, a random thing that I wrote one night. I do believe that this could stand as a story it self, if you guys don't think so I'll elaborate and write a second chapter (I've been thinking about a second chapter.) This is basically a moment between two best friends when they realize there could be something more. I hope you enjoy this; it was rather fun to write, please review! Thankies! ^-^


Shifting into Park

            He shifted the car to 'park,' letting the small silver car idle in front of my apartment building. I unlocked my seatbelt and popped the door open a crack.

            "Good night, princess."

            "Nighty, I'll call you about that movie tomorrow," I chimed with a smile.

            I leaned over the center consol to give him a quick hug. He returned the hug and planted a customary kiss on the top of my head. As I pulled from the embrace I dipped my head, brushing a light kiss on his startled lips, then quickly turned and slid out of the car.

            Keeping my eyes to the pavement and my steps swift, I felt my cheeks grow hot. Questioning thoughts flew through my head in an instant, clouding my mind with a deafening chatter. Why had I kissed him? He's my best friend! What about my boyfriend? What have I done?

            My thoughts and steps were stopped suddenly as a low voice called my name. I turned slowly, lifting my eyes to find him standing only feet from me. His chocolate brown eyes bore into my own with an intensity I'd never seen from him before. I whispered his name is a voice that was not mine. In two quick strides he was before me, his eyes never wavering.

            He brought a hand up to my cheek, sliding it under my hair to cradle the back of my neck. I closed my eyes, not knowing what to expect, yet knowing full well at the same time. His unsure lips fell slowly on mine, feeling more like a question then a kiss. I replied by gently kissing him back. His free arm snaked around my small waist as the kiss grew, pulling me closer to him. I raised my arms and circled them around his neck, entwining my fingers in his soft black hair. One of us moaned, thought I don't know who as my mind circled into a happy oblivion.

            After what felt like eternity we pulled our heads back, but continued to hold to each other. I looked into his clouded eyes as we caught our breath. He lifted a hand to my face and brushed his thumb across my cheek. Only when I saw the street light reflected off the tear on his finger did I realize I was crying. Not wanting him to see anymore of my confused tears I lay my forehead to his strong chest. He placed his chin on the top of my head and ran his hand over my mousy blond hair, whispering words of comfort that mingled with the soothing sounds of the night.

            "What does this mean?" I choked, my voice like that of a scared child. "What's going to happen?"

            "I don't know princess, I just don't know…" He whispered into my hair, pulling me tighter to his lean body.

            A nearby street lamp flickered and somewhere a car alarm screamed. The stars twinkled around a crescent moon that drooped from the heavens. The lazy chirp of a solitary cricket wafted through the warm summer night while a soft breeze rustled the leaves of surrounding saplings. All the beauty of the night was lost to us as we clung to this moment, this moment our true feelings finally poured out. We were two awkward, loving friends standing as one in the dark.

            "I just don't know…"