By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Ever since the beginning of time,
There is still one problem that we might stop on a dime.
That problem is being lonely
And as far as I could planly see,
It should really be considered a crime.

One of those lonely people was Barney
Muldoon,who tried really hard to be everyone's buddy.
But no matter how hard he had tried,
The prospect of friendship keeps on being denied
And no one wants to be friends with poor Barney.

But that was before he had bumped into
A girl from Berea,Ohio named Sue
Rogan,who had came to New York
To find a new type of work,
As in something better to do.

And after he had noticed that Sue
Was as lonely as he was,he had a new
Idea forming inside his head.
He had kneeled down and asked her to wed
With him and no longer be so blue.

And after that,good old Barney
Had became known as Mister Happy,
For he had married a girl named Sue
And was no longer being so blue,
Because he was no longer being known as Mister Lonely.