What have we done?
Our family is falling apart!
We have distance ourselves,
Forgotten their love
And constantly bred hate.

Father looks down from the Heavens,
He has set us free to live,
He gave us everything,
But now all he can do
Is shake his head sadly.

Our Mother's tears flow.
From whom we came
We never cease to take.
We kill her and destroy her
When all she did was give us life.

Look around you!
The bird in its nest,
The cloudless sky,
The tree you sit under-
This is our family.

You can divorce your wife
And abort your child,
But this family is something
You can't run away from.
They're here to stay.

When will you realize
That in hurting them,
You're hurting yourself?
You are part of them,
Start acting like it.