For my Good friend Emmie! (Does any of this sound familiar)

"Oh my Gosh!! You're joking me right?" Sue Screamed in my ear, " There is no possible way that you like Alex! He's Really.uhh. What is a good word for Alex?"
"I dunno, Hot, Funny, Nice, loveable." I replied to my good friend
"STOP TALKING!!!!!! I will not take this kind of talk about Alex of ALL people." Sue Yelled. May be I should explain what's going on.
I am Elizabeth Marie Killawat, but I go by Liz. One of my best friends is Sueane Kola, but she goes by Sue. This boy that Sue is screaming about is Alex Greece. Even I have to admit, Alex isn't your normal 13 year old boy. If he not randomly stating that he's pretty/hot, He's doing something that the other girls call immature but I call downright funny. I just told my best friend about my secret crush on Alex, and her reaction is just how I thought it would be. "Wait 'til I have my next column!" Sue shouted. Sue had a column in the school newspaper that came out every week. Hers was Hottest pairs(or people that should be items).
"Sue, You wouldn't!" I screamed
"Or would I?" Sue Laughed back.

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