A/N: Hey! I'm Really Tired and Bored so I felt like Writing...I'm in a really crummy mood(You would be to if you just spent an hour washing whipped cream outta your hair) and My story will reflect that.


Later that Day I was Coming out of my Last class and was walking towards the buses hoping I would see Alex while I was out there. Sure enough I did but not the way I wanted to. As I turn around the Last corner to the buses I saw sue and Alex talking at the far end of the hall. 'Yay! I think Sue has finally come to her senses!' I thought I started to walk toward them. Then I stop dead in my tracks as I saw Sue Grab Alex's shirt and pull him in and kiss him. Alex didn't seem to resist but then again I didn't stay there long. I turned and Ran the Backway to the buses and hopped onto my bus. I didn't feel anything. I wasn't crying and didn't want to. I wasn't mad at netheir Sue nor Alex, I was numb to all feeling. I didn't even feel the bus pull away from the curb and head down the street.


Told Ya I was in a Crappy mood today!

It gets better...I hope... I really don't have any of this planed and it just changes as it grows...though I do think it won't be as fairy taleish because it gives me false thoughts about real life...stuff I know will never happen...no matter how much I wish it will. OK.. I'll shut up now.