And useless,
Feeling down,
Because I cannot get up.

Like the,
On the streets,
I get passed up,
And around.

The gentle touch,
The red rose.
The hard push,
The death lily.

I used to look forward to sleep,
To see you,
To be with you,
But no longer do I want to close my eyes.

The pictures I see of you,
The smile you wear,
Once I thought you wore for me,
But now,
When I look at it,
It seems as though you wear it out of,

Many things,
I would give up,
Just to be near you,
With you.

But you dont care,
Not for what I would do,
Not for me.

Sing me a song,
A song,
As dark as night,
As loud as thunder.

Sing me to sleep,
Sing me to you.