Put up your walls
Your silent defense
There is nary a sound
That passes your lips

Yet their voices surround
Their harrowing cries
Echo off of your walls
And you wonder

You stand on the precipice
Pondering th' safer route
Still you desire to prevail
To silence their endless wail

You wander in circles
Trapped inside your mind
Hardly hearing the voice that is kind
Only hearing what you left behind

Your walls no man can breach
A daily masquerade begins
And no one dares try to reach
Who is the face beyond

Reeling backwards do you fall
Screaming blood into your ears
They turn deaf to your deepest fears
And leave you to defend yourself

You can still hear them
You can still see them
Caring only for their own
Caring only for what is wrong

Once more you nod, you smile
In response to their voices
Which in truth go not unheard
For they are heart-seeking noises

And at last you scream
And everything passes by in a dream
A fearful reverie takes hold
In which wild ambitions unfold

They turn unforgiving eyes upon you
Take in the scars that adorn you
And the way your eyes seem dead
Dead to the world and dead to them

Then one day you break
Though your walls remain
Afraid to be called weak
You seek forgotten paths

In the emerald forest you cry
If they heard you, you would die
In final and fey desperation
You force yourself to fail to think

When the sun rises in the morn
They will find you silhouetted there
With your life hours past
They shall stare at you aghast

And in silence
Your walls unbroken
Silent as the grave
You've ever been and shall remain.