"Who are you."

"Follow me.. I am Suenai." "To the Star Temple.." "Run." "Noooooooo.." "The crystals."

"The Five Shall Be Reborn"

"Waa waaa waaa" "Luvenya, she's so beautiful and she has your hair" "Yes and look she is opening her eyes" "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

The Dream

"Suleen where are you? Oh where has that girl got off to now," cried Mrs Greenlow frustrated.

"Now, now Betsy, why so worried? After all as I always say when a freak leaves you shouldn't worry but rejoice. I suppose you envy me, me having such "normal" grandchildren and all. But don't worry it's not your fault you have such a monster for a grand-daughter." explained Mrs Benson, a smug grin playing across her fat pudgy face.

Mrs Greenlow clutched her cup of tea a bit tighter than was necessary and bit her tongue with a painful expression, as if trying to hold back something nasty stuck in her throat.

She took a few quick glances at the clock . " Oh my dear, look at the time shouldn't you be going now, bybye hope to see you soon," she said as she ushered her 'friendly' neighbour out of the door slamming it firmly shut.

'The nerve of that woman' thought Mrs. Greenlow, 'going on about her bratty grandchildren like they were some kinds of angels and her Suleen was a piece of filth. After all those rotten little brats of hers had only broken Mr and Mrs Sadler's gate this morning.'


Meanwhile in a nearby field sat Suleen and Sir Gerald picking flowers.

Clearly Sir Gerald found picking flowers beneath him. Suleen was having trouble on deciding what colour flowers to take home with her.

"Don't pout Gerry it makes you look fat," smiled Suleen. Sir Gerald stiffened with a horrified expression on his small face. Suleen was to busy fussing over the flowers to notice the cat's strange behaviour.

" So what do you think Sir Gerald, the pink or the yellow," asked Suleen. " I myself prefer the yellow," she said with a small smile. Sir Gerald nodded towards the pink.

"Why is it that every time I choose one thing you always choose the other," cried Suleen in an annoyed tone. She scooped up a bunch of both yellow and pink flowers.

"Hey, I've got a better idea how about I take both yellow and pink?" said Suleen sounding pleased with herself. Suleen went quiet, her face turned paler than paper while she started to shiver violently. "No."

Suleen sprang up and started running as fast as her skinny legs could carry her. It took a few moments before Sir Gerald realised Suleen was gone. But as soon as he did he dashed rather indignantly after her. By this time Suleen was halfway through the field which bordered the small village. Her breath was coming in sharp gasps, while her feet ached from running so fast. She was beginning to get a stitch.

Sir Gerald had caught up by now and was making soft purring sounds to get attention. They were almost at the edge of the field. Suleen suddenly came to a stop, her eyes widening in horror. As the yellow and pink flowers fell to the floor. Suleen snapped open her eyes as she lay flat on her back on the hard surface of her bed. Her heart was racing as if she had just run an eight hundred-metre race. She felt all weak and drenched in sweat. Suleen put a hand to her forehead feeling her sweaty face. She took a glance around the room, even in the darkness she could just about make out the familiar shapes of her grandparents.

Hearing their soft snoring somehow comforted her. It was just a dream not real. It was only a dream.

Suleen scrambled out of bed feeling her way across the room, careful not to wake up her grandparents.

She slowly made her way through the door and outside. The crescent moon shone down illuminating everything around her.

Suleen let out a deep sigh, she had been having the same dream for months now. First of all it was only occasionally, but these past few weeks it had become constant. She could feel it in her bones that this was not a good sign.

Suleen absently wondered where Sir Gerald could be. He must have slipped out while she was asleep to catch some mice or something. She wasn't particularly worried since he often went out in the night to hunt for his own food.

The wind rustled the leaves on the tree above her as Suleen went and sat down under it. She knew this was a stupid thing to do since there were many legends of ghosts and ghouls living in trees. But she personally didn't believe in such superstitious nonsense. Suleen slowly stood up, she should go back to sleep since she would have to wake up at the crack of dawn. She made her way back to her house while gently kicking small pebbles.

Suleen quickly edged her way through the room and got into bed. As she lay down, her thoughts wandered back to that awful dream. She felt a shiver run down her spine as she relayed the images in her mind. It had felt so real. No this would not do, she had to get to sleep there was much work to be done tomorrow. As Suleen slowly drifted off to sleep she had no idea that the day to follow would change her life forever.

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