Close My Eyes

Chapter 1: Routine

            Today was just another boring day. Like all the other days. Everyday is boring and the same. As usual. I'm pretty much sick of it. This boring town, school, life, everything is so boring. Why can't anything exciting happen? Scratch the exciting. Why can't ANYTHING happen?

            I was sitting in class. Language Arts. Wow, how exciting and great. Our boring teacher was reading a passage out of some book. Some corny romantic book or something. I wasn't paying attention. This was totally boring. Who cares about love? It's just a fake emotion that doesn't exist. People say it, but don't mean it. That's all it is.

            I let out a yawn. This was putting me to sleep. The teacher, Mrs. Hannigan, looked at me, as I let out a loud yawn.

            "Ashlyn, you sound very tired. Did you get enough sleep last night?" She asked me. She didn't look worried.

            "Actually, yes. It's just that this passage is putting me to sleep," I replied, honestly. A few of my so-called classmates snickered.

            "Aha. Well, Ashlyn, can you relate to the passage?" She asked me. She was trying to slip some 'learning' in our conversation. But that won't work on me.

            "Nope," I replied.

            "That's right," spoke up, Daphne, the 'popular' and snobby girl in my classes. I hate her. She hates me. It's mutual. "Ash is incapable of loving. That's probably because no one has ever loved her. It's obvious to see why."

            I shot a glare at her. I didn't even bother with her anymore. She's so annoying. It doesn't matter. Her "perfect" strawberry blonde hair and "sparkling" blue eyes, she's Miss Perfection.

            "Whatever," I muttered. The bell rang, signifying the end of class. Also signifying the end of school. I let out a sigh of relief. That was torture, enough. I hurried out of the class and to my locker. I threw my books and other crap into it, and grabbed my bag, already filled with books.

            I took a short stop in the school bathroom. It was empty for now. I placed my bag beside the sink and stared at the mirror. I don't understand why they chose to torment me. I look pretty normal. Not that bad either. My reflection showed my long auburn hair and my blue eyes.

            I looked normal. But they all made fun of my for my attitude. Yes, that must be the reason. They think I'm weird. I'm not superstitious, but I believe in stuff that is consider 'weird.' So what? I'm abnormal. I tend to believe in things that supposedly don't exist. But I don't care what they think. I'm use to it by now.

            I splashed water on my face and quickly dried it off. I walked out of the bathroom and hurried out of the school. I started walking, although a bus was always an option. But I prefer walking.

            I took a moment to look back at the crowded campus. And reminded myself, "This is as good as it's gonna get."

A/N: Re-edited chapter one.