She sits at the foot of the falls. Her hair, her dress, all is soaked as the water crashes against the rocks. In the distance a cricket chirps and another answers the call. Then all is silent as the moon glistens over the water, illuminating the falls behind her. She has never felt more peace in her life. No place is more dear to her than this one spot. She knows every part of it, every nuance. Her heart beats with the rhythm of the falls. She yearns to stay in this spot, never moving, never speaking, just at peace. But growing just as strong is the urge to break free, to drift off into unknown land, to have an adventure. Sitting on the rocks, she bids a final farewell to her safe haven, as she prepares to head off in search of something.
Funny, how everyone searches for something, and no one really knows what they're looking for. She certainly doesn't know. She just knows something is missing. Even in this peaceful place, she is conscious of a void in her soul, one that has been there for as long as she's known she's had a soul. And so she leaves the only home she's ever known to find the thing that could fill this hole.
She turns from the falls, and strides to the cabin in the woods. The cabin is empty, except for a few pieces of furniture and a stack of wood. Here she has lived this first chapter of her life. Here she was born and here she grew up. Here she has buried her mother as an infant, and now, her father too is dead and buried. Truly nothing is left for her in this quiet, secluded place. This chapter of her life has ended, she must begin anew. She closes the door to the cabin and silently walks deeper into the woods.
How will she ever know where's she's going until she gets there? She walks on and on, through the dark forest, with the trees closing in over her. There are no trails where she walks, just the mossy bed of the forest. Days pass, and she never stops, not even to sleep. Her life has a purpose now, a reason for going on and nothing, not even exhaustion, is going to stop her from reaching her goal. She no longer trapped in the past, she no longer has a past. She is herself. When she closed the door to the cabin, she left everything, even her name behind. Soon she must find herself a new name, a new identity, but for now, she is content to be nameless. She's content to just be.