Action Movies: A Commentary
By Master Chief

After reading numerous reviews on certain action movies, my reaction is one of utter disgust (for the most part). I consider myself a connoisseur of action movies, and I feel as though people shouldn't judge action movies with the same kind of critique they judge one of those "Oscar-caliber" movies.
In some respects, it is the same with literature. I read reviews and see how people seem not to enjoy the story, but are concerned with technical issues such as grammar, or technical details in a story. While these are important, I don't feel a story should be condemned or elevated because it lacks one or another of these elements. A good story (in my humble opinion) should have all of the following: intriguing plot, interesting characters, as well as excellent grammar and technical details.
I feel it is the same for action movies. A good action movie should have the following: intriguing plot (contrived, rehashed and unoriginal as they may be), interesting characters, great action, and creative direction. In the coming installments, I will examine an action movie in depth discussing plot and key action sequences, and why I feel it is a good action movie as well as discuss critics' views on the movie. I encourage my peers on Fiction Press to give me input as to what action movies (sci-fi and anime are OK too) they would like to view my worthless opinion on. Please feel free to comment and/or flame as you see fit. The first movie I will examine will be a little gem called Equilibrium.

This is a list of the action movies I plan on examining through the course of the upcoming weeks.

Matrix and Matrix Reloaded
Star Wars Prequels
Mission Impossible 2
The Fast and Furious Duology
The Blade Duology
Top Gun
.... And any other decent action movie that I feel like writing on that I haven't mentioned.