DairyGirl7: I do so like cheese

Qzgwnxl5: me too

DairyGirl7: it's all squishy and stuff

Qzgwnxl5: I like cheddar…

DairyGirl7: mozzarella sticks

DairyGirl7: gooshy six cheese pizza

Qzgwnxl5: yum... from Dog Shack

DairyGirl7: cheese whiz!

DairyGirl7: I love licking it off people's bellies

DairyGirl7: OOPS, was that out loud

Qzgwnxl5: yes that was…

DairyGirl7: shit, my secret is out

DairyGirl7: I am a cheese-o-phile

DairyGirl7: and it's entered into my nymphomania

DairyGirl7: so now I have to have a side of cheese with sex

DairyGirl7: That's the main reason why Ass-monkey left me

DairyGirl7: he couldn't deal with the can of cheez-whiz

DairyGirl7: he got mighty jealous of that beautifully phallic symbol

DairyGirl7: I'm going to get going to bed now

DairyGirl7: I need sleep

DairyGirl7: and drugs and sex

DairyGirl7: and other things like cheese

DairyGirl7: lots of cheese

DairyGirl7: oh, squishy cheese

DairyGirl7: I give myself to you

DairyGirl7: I worship you oh god of cheese!

DairyGirl7: Bless me with your dairy goodness

DairyGirl7: Dairy God?

DairyGirl7: Oh Dairy God?

DairyGirl7: Give me cheese or give me death

Qzgwnxl5: hun, I think you need more than drugs

DairyGirl7: but please give me cheese

DairyGirl7: not death

DairyGirl7: I really don't want death

DairyGirl7: I just said it to emphasize the importance of cheese in my life

DairyGirl7: please give me cheese

DairyGirl7: cheese?

DairyGirl7: cheese please?

DairyGirl7: what a cute little rhyme

DairyGirl7: cheese please

DairyGirl7: he, he, he

Qzgwnxl5: you are silly!

DairyGirl7: ;-);-);-);-);-);-);-);-)

DairyGirl7: I am fruity

DairyGirl7: like the god of cheese

DairyGirl7: and I come bearing my wisdom of that bountiful god

DairyGirl7: Cheese is life

DairyGirl7: Eat cheese

DairyGirl7: Come now, chant with me everyone

Qzgwnxl5: you need sleep hun. Or sex… and LOTS OF IT!

DairyGirl7: Cheese is Good!

DairyGirl7: Cheese is Good!

DairyGirl7: Cheese God is the ruler of the entire universe, and cheese is our way of life!

DairyGirl7: god = cheese

DairyGirl7: oh my

DairyGirl7: cheese is in my frontal lobe man!

DairyGirl7: I'm going to get naked now, rub myself all over with cheese, and go to sleep

Qzgwnxl5: OK...you do that…

DairyGirl7: either that or fall into a religious coma, that cheese is some powerful stuff

DairyGirl7: he, he, he, he

Qzgwnxl5: bye! Sweet cheese dreams

DairyGirl7: oh baby

DairyGirl7: hell yeah!