"Name of a rose ." I sigh remembering the movie by the same name as I twirl the dry stem between my fingers ,wilted red petals float down to the floor to be crushed under foot.

"How beautiful you are little rose and so easily forgotten." I snap the brittle stem in half and toss it over the balcony. Broken discarded, the last of twelve beautiful breath taking wonders that marked the years of his life. It lands in a rose bush below, hidden by those lively blooms of vibrant blood tinted red.

I stare at the crumpled bit of paper in my hand, small insignificant but the most important thing to me in all the world. Yet? I close my fingers around the paper and squeeze as if it was his hand and I could hold on forever. Tears find their way out of my closed eyes and down my face.

How could this be? How could the world turn against me when I need it the most. Questions, questions forever unanswered. Tears shed years too late. Hearts broken shattered diamond shards that last forever. Blood cools but the pain will always be.

Forgotten, cold and lonely I turn away from my balcony. My little corner of the universe where life ,outside my mind , does not exist. A silent roar greets me as I return to the real world and close the door on my fears. There's nothing left for me.