By:Andrew Troy KeIler

Has anyone ever dared themselves to cross a certain line in the name of true love?

A young college student named Marvin Kent had dared himself to cross a certain line--that of choosing to be a porn star over staying in college,like his father had wanted him to do.

The reason why he had done so was quite simple,for he had suddenly fallen in love with Victoria Fox,a fellow college student,who was actually a porn video actress,in order to pay for her college tuition.

As soon as they had suddenly gazed into each other's eyes and found themselves to be attracted to one another,both Marvin and Victoria were about to kiss each other ever so passionately on the lips.

But alas,it wasn't going to happen,for Victoria had suddenly heard the horn of a limo,which was parked in front of the school and she had no choice,but to run over to the limo,get inside the car and allow the chauffer to drive her away from the school.

But little had she known,Victoria had--in her haste--dropped one of her school books and Marvin had suddenly developed an overwhelming urge to go after the limo and return the book to her.

And so,without a single amount of hesitation,Marvin had gotten into his car and followed the limo as carefully as he possibly could.

He had followed that limo for maybe an hour or more,before he was finally able to reach the limo's destination--a deserted farmhouse,which was being rented by an adult video company for the sole purpose of shooting an erotic movie.

And surprisingly enough,Victoria was one of that company's main stars.

But still,even though he had found out that Victoria was actually a fallen angel,Marvin still felt that he should return the college text book that Victoria had accidently left behind.

After he had left the book on top of Victoria's purse,Marvin had turned around and was about to leave the farmhouse,before someone was able to spot him.

But just before was about to walk towards the door,a large man with the word 'security' on his T-shirt had appeared in front of him and told him that he was late and he should be getting ready for the big scene with the film's star,Victoria Fox.

But no matter how many times he had tried to explain himself,one member of the porn video production crew had--in some sort of way--informed Marvin that he was about to star in a porno film with Victoria,whether he likes it or not.

And so,after he had realized that he had no choice,but to go along with the whole thing,Marvin had removed all of his clothes and moved his nude body into the bedroom,where a bare Victoria was waiting to recieve her new porn co-star.

At first,she was being depressed,for she had no choice,but to go through with being a porn actress for the rest of her life.

But then,after she had looked up and saw that her new co-star was Marvin,she had let out a smile,held out her hand to him and asked him to move closer to her.

And after he had taken her hand into his and moved himself closer to her,Marvin and Victoria had wrapped their nude arms around each other and kissed each other ever so passionately on the lips.

And even though the director had yelled,"ACTION!",and the camera crew had started to roll,the only thing that was going through Marvin and Victoria's minds was that they were about to enjoy a moment of pure,untamed erotica.

And even though his father,a veteran patrol officer for the City of Cleveland Police Department might frown on it,both Marvin and Victoria had agreed that the only way for them to stay together forever was for Marvin to drop out of college and make porno acting his permanent career.

And to this very day,both Marvin Kent and Victoria Fox are still the most popular stars in the history of the adult video industry.

And on top of that,both Marvin and Victoria had gotten married a couple of months later and settled down in a very nice house within the outskirts of 'Sin City' itself--Las Vegas,Neveda.

And if you were to ask me,they've done pretty well for a pair of fallen angels.