Chapter 1- A visit with the past

"Davey, get your ass over here now." yelled Master Jade from the front room.
I reluctantly stood up and left the safety of my hiding place under the stairs. I didn't want to be with Master Jade anymore than I had to. My body showed the scars of his rage.
The room was lit only by a few candles, which made the shadows flicker a dim orange back and forth. Master Jade sat on the large ottoman in the middle of the room. He had an angry look on his face as I approached him.
"Where were you?" he asked furiously.
"I was in the kitchen. I'm sorry I took so long Master."
It seemed at first that I had escaped a beating. I breathed a quiet sigh of relief but within a split second, I was knocked to the floor with a hard kick in the stomach. I tasted the bitterness of blood in my mouth.
"Never keep me waiting. I'm not a patient person." he said loudly as he sat back down.
I lay on the floor, not knowing if I should get up. I didn't want to get another beating.
"Get up. Don't just lay there." he said after a few minutes.
I stood up slowly, my body still racked with pain. Master Jade motioned for me to come close. I walked over to him and waited for an order.
Instead, he took me in his arms. He held me close, his strong grip making me feel safe, at least from everyone else but him. He teasingly licked the blood from my mouth, and then moved his focus lower to my neck. I felt the prick of his fangs sinking into the soft flesh. I relaxed and let him drink from me. He let up after a few minutes, but continued to caress me all over.
I heard footsteps and pulled away from him momentarily. He returned with hitting me hard in the face, sending me to the floor. I wanted to cry out in pain, but he kicked me again.
"You really shouldn't beat him like that, you'll ruin him" Said the man who had entered the room.
"I know. But old habits die hard. And I have to break him. He's a disobedient little fuck most of the time, how else can I make him behave except by hurting him? Believe me Hunter, pain can be a very good teacher."
"But you're scarring him. That brings his value down. If you ever plan on selling him again, I recommend you stop this brutality and find another method of breaking him."
"I have no intention of selling him. I plan on keeping him forever. He's different from the others, whether he likes it or not."
"How long have you had him? It seems like you've only had him a few months, and you've already managed to ruin him. I noticed that many of your slaves die before they've belonged to you for too long. Is this one going to be like all the rest?"
"I already told you. He's different. Once he's broken, I'll be able to do anything with him. He just needs breaking."
"Human slaves are a waste of time. Half bloods are stronger and live much longer. I have a few slaves I plan on breeding. You should come by and see. One of them seems especially promising; he just came into my possession a few weeks ago. He was a vampire killer who tried to put a knife in me. I think he's strong enough to handle a half blood birth."
"Half bloods aren't worth the loss associated with them. Only about twenty five percent of the slaves impregnated with them live to give birth, most of the time you lose your slave and the child inside of it. I prefer my slaves to live through their pregnancy."
"You may say you prefer your slaves to live, but then is it alright to kill them by beating them to death or starving them? Is that somehow better for them in the long run?"
"I hope the reason you came wasn't to argue with me. If you had any other reason for invading my home, can you please make it known now?"
"Sorry, I got a bit distracted. I'm having a bit of a social engagement at my house tomorrow night. You're invited of course. Everyone will be there, and as a favour, could you try to be a bit more sociable than usual? Not like I want to start another fight, but you're very touchy."
"I know, but I'm not going to try and change it. You shouldn't try to either. If you don't like who I am, don't talk to me and leave me alone. But if you're going to accept it, I have no problem with you."
"I see I'll get nowhere with you on this subject. As always, you're being exceedingly stubborn. I don't know how Damian put up with you."
Master Jades eyes went wide, and seemed to be seeing times long since past. Hunter had said something to make him cringe. An uncomfortable silence hung over the room for several minutes.
"Don't you ever say that name around me again. Do you understand?" Master Jade said his expression one of rampant anger and a hint of fear.
"I'm sorry; I didn't know it would make you that upset. I won't say it again. But you know he is the one who made you what you are. He gave you those eyes."
"Like I don't fucking know that? As if I don't curse him each and every day for making me different than everybody else? You act like they're a fucking gift!"
"They are. Why the hell don't you like them? No other vampires have eyes like that. You're lucky that you're unique."
"Easy for you to say, you don't have to live with them. You have no clue how much shit these have gotten me into. Just shut the fuck up and go home."
"Alright, be that way. Every other vampire would die for those eyes. You're just ungrateful."
Hunter left abruptly and slammed the door behind him. I looked up at Master Jade. His face was flushed with anger, and I decided not to do anything to set him off. His bright green eyes burned intensely. They really were beautiful; I didn't understand why he hated them so much.
He approached me and took me in his arms once again. My face still hurt, but there was no way I was going to disobey him again. I let him feel me all over and periodically feed upon me. I wanted to know who Damian was, and what he had done to Master Jade. I didn't dare ask, he hated it when I asked questions.
I was supposed to be blindly obedient and do everything he ordered me to without question. But that's not what I wanted, I wanted to go back home. I wondered if my mother was still worried about me, if she still had hope I would come home. It had only been six months since I was taken away from my family and forced into slavery. I had learned a lot in those few months about how life really worked. For one, humans are at the bottom. Any other creature has the privilege to do as they wish with us. We are property and nothing more. Vampires are usually the only creatures who own slaves, but I've seen a few werewolves with slaves.
There are a few kinds of slaves. Some slaves are used only for breeding purposes a slave. Breeding takes place once a year in the fall, so that the babies will be born in summer. Most of the slaves are working slaves, and do general housework and yard work. They don't live very long, and lead the worst lives. About half of them are second generation and have never lived free. That way, they don't try to escape as much, because the vampire realms are their only home. The last group is the group I fit into. All the other slaves say that it's the easiest life of all, but it's the hardest. We don't exactly do any hard physical labour, but we're the ones who get beaten most often. I'm Master Jades pet. All I do is stay by his side at all times and do what he wants. But in no way is it easy or fun. I would give anything to be a labour slave, I hate having to be so close to a vampire.
"Do you suppose I was too harsh with Hunter? I'm afraid I lost my temper with him." Master Jade said after a long silence.
" were sort of mean with him" I said, half asleep.
"I think I'm going to go over there and make peace. He said he wanted to show me something anyway. Go get me my coat."
I stood up slowly, trying to wake up and get the sleep out of my eyes. I brought back his coat and we stepped outside.