Season's Dreams

Disclaimer: I own all in this story, so no stealing. Please, they don't like it when I'm not in possesion of their bodies.


Annie dreamed in digital, Sophia dreamed in technicolor, Christine dreamed in music, and Alisha dreamed in death. There was nothing any of them could do about it.
The four girls were similar. All liked music, liked writing and reading much of the same things, all tried to use their creativity to enrich the world. They defenitly enriched their freinds lives, even when they didn't think that they did.
Snap to Annie. She sleeps restlessly, dreamis of digital sounds and whorling colors that she can see and touch. Sweat beads her body as she cries for the release from the digital death that fate has planned for her.
Flip to Sophia. She lies carelessly on her side in the bed that she shares with her two cats, Simba and Elspeth. She sees her dreams in technicolor, blue and green Simba's dancing around a purple Ryan Stiles on a rainbow background, while the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band plays serenely in the distance. She smiles in her sleep as Ryan defeats the dancing Simbas and reaches out a hand to her.
Slide to Christine. She is still awake, watching random channels and listening to the throbbing beat of Korn in the background, daydreaming about playing her bass with them someday. The dreams that do not yet come to her will be filled with scenes much like this, but with sad funeral music as she falls off the stage into the pit and is swallowed.
Click to Alisha. She lays on the bahtroom floor, snoring peacefully as if she hadn't just popped a few sleeping pills to rid herself of the horrid dreams of death and dying. The dreams come anyway, making her shake and shiver with fear, when at last she must bite her lips to keep from screaming the neighbors awake.
These grils dream, whether awake or sleeping, and some love themselves for it, while others do not. They must confess their secrets to a counselor who has never known them, and can't tell whether the girls are crazy, on drugs, or just trying to fool him.