Seasons Dreams

Disclaimer: See Prologue.

Chapter 4 Alisha

I flopped into the chair in front of your desk, swinging my legs up to hang over the other arm of it.
" Just so you know, I didn't dream last night. And even if I had, I wouldn't be telling you, you strange little man." I said, droning on and on until you told me to stop.
I did, closing my eyes against the sharp glare of the light that streamed through the windows. It was true, I didn't have any dreams. I was on a sugar and weed high, stoned and hyper ot the point where I could see little bunnies putting flowers on my Beatles posters, covering up George's beautiful face, so I screamed at them.
Then I went and chatted with random people, but I did fall asleep later. There was no dream, just an unending feeling of dark, falling, and being unreal. Guess I need to stop eating Pixie sticks before bed, huh?
Since we're supposed to spend 15 minutes together to sort out the problems that my dreams are trying to tell me that I have, I guess I just sit here and stare out the window, watching Starbucks run away from Raven. Nothing's ever the same for any moment, but with Starbucks, George and then rest of them, at least its fun for a little while.