The Dark Plan

A plan that sounds so wrong to some,
The idea behind it was pure but dumb
An exam to test my selflessness,
I passed that part but failed the rest.

My ex had romantic feelings for me,
But dated someone who hated thee.
The feelings she had were meant for them,
I didn't want to take them from him.

I was so in love with the girl at the time,
Even though I was a ball of slime,
In her heart it was differently thought.
She wanted this slime ball to think not

I knew that this all was not right,
Because it presented a stunning plight.
She had feelings for her boyfriend,
But also had feelings for me.

She was ready to tell me "I love you",
And to me this was a dream come true.
But I didn't want to become a sore,
I wanted her to want him more.

So I went to the most extreme of all,
And the only way to break her fall.
The plan itself sounds wrong to some,
The intention was pure but I was dumb.

I made her hurt and I made her cry,
Especially when I told her the evil lie:
"I don't love you and I never will,
Get rid of those feelings you have for me still."
Everything from there soon went downhill,
The mood changed faster than a mercy kill.
Her tears were like Niagra falls,
Her heart got splattered against the walls.

I went overboard for the job to be done,
And I'll admit it wasn't fun.
The feelings were lost in an endless abyss
The intention was pure but that was amiss.

A month later on, she finally learned
Her love for him had finally returned.
All of her love was now just for him,
And nothing was left for me.

I didn't want anything for what I did,
Just wanted to set things right, I did.
She won't feel anything romantic for me,
She'll never want anything between us to be.

Sometimes I wish she had feelings for me,
Because I still have feelings for thee.
Maybe one day they'll be back again.
And whan it comes, I'll want them then.