~ Chapter 2


I reached over to turn my alarm clock off. I didn't sleep well last night. I was up most of the night crying. I couldn't think of an excuse for it. It was 5:30am.I had to go to school in 2 hours.I wanted to get there early.but the main reason I got up so early was so I could re-bandage my ankle and so I could dye my hair. I planned on doing it the other day but.

I started thinking of him again. My heart began hurting when his face popped into my head. I didn't even know his name.I shook my head and went into the bathroom after grabbing my CD player. I put in the new Gavin Degraw cd I had gotten and turned the volume down enough as to not wake up my mother. I proceeded to dye my hair. I really didn't care what color it was, as long as it was different. I guess I grab black hair dye because that's what the box says.

'Oh well, whatever works.' I thought. About 30 minutes later, the dying process was done. I went to look into the mirror hoping to see a new look, but I guess I messed up. When I looked in the mirror I still had that nasty light brownish color, except the black hair dye was black highlights. They were thick so I let it be. I walked out of the bathroom after brushing my teeth and hair. I went back into my room to snag some clothes for school. It was 6:15am.

I settled on a pair of faded black pants that had gotten baggy and a grayish peasant top. I put on a plain silver necklace to add to my look. I decided to put my hair in pigtails and so I did so. I grabbed my jacket and stuffed some schoolbooks into my backpack then went downstairs. I saw mom in the kitchen. 'When'd she get up?' I wondered. 'I guess it really doesn't matter.'

I grabbed an apple and took a bite into it. After swallowing the bite, I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and told her that I was leaving and to have a nice day. She looked at me with concerning eyes. "Are you sure your ok for school today?" she asked me.

I looked back at her, slightly puzzled. Then I realized that she must have saw me crying the other day. "Yea mom. I'm fine, really. I have a test today so I have to get going. Ill see you later." I waved her goodbye as I grabbed my bag and apple. I put my jacket on while walking to the doorway. I put on my old indoor soccer shoes. They never seemed to get worn out. I opened the door and stepped outside. It was 7:25am.

My ankle had gotten better over night, even though it was still sore. "At least I can walk on it!" I said to myself aloud.

I got to school at around 7:45am. School started an hour later or so. I went to my locker and grabbed my history book as I put my other book in my locker. "I need to study or I'm positive I'll fail!" I said as I shut my locker. My class was on the other side of the building so I got to walk passed all the couple that comes to school early to make out. I tried to ignore them as I walked by. I tried thinking of something else to keep myself from blowing up or crying. Why I thought of him, I don't know. My eyes teared up a little bit as I stepped into my classroom. I sat down in the second seat in the third row. I proceeded to study some. I ended up falling asleep and was woken up by the '5minutes to get to class' bell.

I was still trying to wake up though, so I didn't notice. She sat down next to me and started talking. Before people thought that we were gay and that we were 'lovers' because we were always together. I seem to still get that a lot. Just because I cant stand men doesn't make me automatically romantically attracted to chicks.

"Guess what Leilei-chan?!" Amaya pronounced. I always hated it when she would call me that. She was into Japanese animation stuff. I think she wanted or still wants to be a manga artist. My real name is Lory (or Lori). She changed it to her will. It doesn't really bother me much anymore.

"What?" I responded with a sigh.

"They say that there's a new transfer student coming into this class."

"Is that so.? If it's a chick, I'm sure shell be a blond type, or if it's a guy, ill run him out!" I grinned at her.

The late bell rang. My teacher walked into the room with the new student, but I didn't notice so I kept talking with Amaya.

"Everyone!" Teacher said. He was in his early thirties, I think. He had brownish hair with brown eyes. He also had glasses with small frames. He was a nice and funny teacher. Everyone wanted him for a teacher. I was lucky enough to get him. "Class! We have a new student transferring here today! Please make him feel welcome."

I looked up at Teacher because he had come over to my desk to stop my chattering with Amaya.

"Now tell us a little bit about yourself." Teacher said to the new student.

I glanced up at the front of the room to see who was the new student. My eyes widened while they watered. It was 8:49am.

End of Chapter 2~

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